FOX 45 investigates reports of students, teachers being assaulted at elementary school

FOX 45 investigates reports of students, teachers being assaulted at Kemp Elementary School (WKEF/WRGT)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Parents reached out to FOX 45 for help, bringing reports of students and teachers being assaulted by other students at a Dayton elementary school to light.

FOX 45's Kelly May started digging deeper into the allegations from Kemp PreK-6, and found that a teacher was hospitalized Thursday after an attack by a fourth grader.

Parents Bill Flynn and Tabitha Carwile want something done about the violence, and said the district was not acting.

"My daughter has been punched in the stomach, she's had her hair pulled, she's had her locker slammed on her hand, she's been punched in the arm," Flynn said.

"My son was slapped across the face one time and he had a red mark on his face, and I brought that to their attention," Carwile said. "My daughter had a piece of lead stuck in her arm and I took pictures of it and sent it to the school."

Both parents said that sometimes these incidents involve the same kids acting out, while sometimes they don't, but that it's been happening in the school for at least two years.

"My son is scared to go to school because he's scared these kids are going to catch him in the bathroom because they got talked to, they got caught, and he's afraid it’s going to happen again," said Carwile.

"There is no discipline here, these kids are assaulting other kids, and assaulting staff," said Flynn.

Flynn and Carwile said the students committing these acts are often back in class the same day, and their kids aren't the only ones.

According to a Dayton Police report from January 10, officers were called to the school after another parent reported her daughter came home multiple times with red marks on her skin from another student.

Another report filed February 15 said a teacher was sent to Miami Valley Hospital for injuries she sustained after a student punched her in the face. It also said another teacher was kicked.

Carwile showed FOX 45 a bruise her daughter got when the same student then threw a chair across the classroom.

"This is an elementary school," she said. "This isn't even high school yet!"

Ultimately, both parents said the lack of discipline needs to end.

FOX 45 sent the police report to Dayton Public Schools and reached out for a comment.

The district responded:

"Kemp PreK-6 is an award winning school, recognized statewide for enhancing the behavioral atmospheres needed to support students. Also twice honored by the Ohio Department of Education for exceeding academic expectations.
Some of our students have specific, different needs and issues and some environmental factors can affect behavior. We address that accordingly."

"They don't answer our calls, they don’t return messages," said Carwile.

"We should know we're sending our kids into safety when we're sending them through those doors," said Flynn.

FOX 45 asked Dayton Public Schools if any action would be taken against the student who sent the teacher to the hospital, but they did not respond.

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