Four-month-old baby fighting for life after significant brain injury

    Four-month-old baby fighting for life after significant brain injury (WKRC)

    MADEIRA, Ohio (WKRC) - A four-month-old baby was transported to Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center with a significant head injury. Madeira Police are still trying to figure out the baby was injured.

    Detectives asked the baby's father, Chandler Johns, how the baby was injured and his answer didn't check out.

    Johns was in court Wednesday morning charged with obstructing official business in a felony child endangerment investigation.

    The affidavit filed with the court says Johns first claimed he wasn't home at the house on Osceola Drive when the baby was hurt, however detectives say that was a lie.

    The 19-year-old later admitted to being the only person in the room. The court document also states Johns eventually said the baby fell off a bed and landed on the carpet.

    Maderia Detective Tim Vogel said they’ve meet with doctors at Children’s Hospital “to see if we are going to bump up more charges during the Grand Jury."

    "The baby is improving a little bit but still in ICU," Vogel said. "She's in critical but stable condition and was taken off a breathing tube yesterday."

    Maderia Police Chief Dave Schaefer told Local 12 that the child's mother took the 4-month-old to Butler County Children's Hospital. The baby was immediately flown to Cincinnati Children's.

    This is an active investigation and the father has not been charged with hurting the baby.

    Johns is being held on a $100,000 bond. The case will go before a Grand Jury on July 20.

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