Former Outlaws Motorcycle Gang leader to be laid to rest in Montgomery County

    Harry Bowman will be laid to rest this weekend. (Photo: FBI)

    MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Former Outlaws Motorcycle Gang leader Harry ‘Taco’ Bowman’s funeral will be held at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds Saturday.

    About a thousand members of the biker gang are expected to be in town to pay their respects. Hundreds of them were already in the Miami Valley Friday night for a 24-hour viewing at the Fair Grounds for Bowman.

    “Harry Bowman was an international president up until 1999,” Sheriff Rob Streck said.

    The group has gangs all over the world, including Dayton.

    The Outlaws are a 1-percenter motorcycle club, meaning they separate themselves from the American Motorcyclist Association's comment that 99-percent of all motorcyclists are law abiding.

    "They have been involved in violence in the past, they have been known to have incidents like that," Streck said.

    Bowman is from Detroit, and died from cancer in federal prison. He was also on the FBI’s top ten most wanted list at one time.

    According to an FBI report, Bowman was convicted on multiple murder charges, including ones stemming from contracted bombings on rival gangs.

    Streck said he does not know why they decided to have the funeral at the fairgrounds, adding the Outlaws did not want to tell them.

    "It's a very large group of individuals coming," he said. "The fairgrounds has the capacity to hold that group, that amount of people, and they agreed to let them have the funeral and the viewing at the fairgrounds."

    Those who work with the fairgrounds said, "They asked to rent for a funeral service so we obliged."

    Streck did say the Bear Creek Cemetery, where Bowman will be laid to rest, is where other members are buried.

    “They assure us that they're here to pay their respects to a past president of theirs,” Streck said. “We obviously have contingency plans in place."

    Law enforcement will be there watching, something they would do for any large group.

    Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office has met with the club several times already.

    "They've assured us that they will police themselves, they are not looking to create any problems according them,” Streck said.

    The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office has a command post set up at the Jefferson Township Administration Building.

    The Ohio Department of Transportation, Trotwood Police, Dayton Police and state troopers will be assisting.

    The funeral starts at 10:30 a.m. Saturday. At that time, the 49 connector from Infirmary Road to North Union Road will be shut down. Around 11 a.m., there is a procession to the cemetery, which will cause traffic slowdowns.

    North Union Road from Third Street to Hoover Avenue will be closed while the funeral is at the cemetery.

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