Jail captain pleads not guilty to misdemeanor assault charges related to Amber Swink case

(Courtesy: Brannon Law Firm)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - A Montgomery County jail captain who was seen on video pepper spraying an inmate point-blank in the face pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor assault charges Tuesday.

A grand jury did not indict Captain Judith Sealey, who was a sergeant at the time, for felonious assault in May, but attorney Anthony VanNoy said the city prosecutor then filed the misdemeanor charges relating to the Amber Swink case.

Surveillance video from inside the holding cell shows Swink restrained in a chair, rendered immovable after she became combative during a DUI arrest. She filed a lawsuit that alleged her civil rights were violated in the case, and ultimately settled with the county for $375,000.

Prosecuting Attorney Mat Heck was on the original case, and said the charges Sealey was facing required evidence of serious physical harm. The Grand Jury heard testimony over a six day period from more than 30 witnesses including Swink, the correction officers, deputies on duty that day and medical staff.

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