Fairmont High School says administrator's Twitter account was hacked

    Fairmont High School says administrator's Twitter account was hacked (WKEF/WRGT)

    KETTERING, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Fairmont High School says one its administrator's Twitter account has been hacked.

    The assistant principal's account published a rash of expletive-filled and racially-charged tweets beginning early Tuesday morning.

    "It's just really sad that someone thinks that this is funny," Fairmont High School Principal Tyler Alexander said. "[Our staff member's] name is tied to this and it is not him. I've known him for a long time. It's upsetting to him, it's upsetting to us and it's very serious."

    So serious that it's a crime. The school is working with Kettering Police to determine who's behind the hacking.

    "People might think this is funny," Lt. Michael Gabrielson of Kettering Police said. "This is a crime hacking into someone's social media page or a computer system, essentially."

    Kettering PD told FOX 45 News the hacking is being investigated as a criminal mischief case, but more charges could be added as they learn more.

    "Everyone thinks that the internet gives them a certain level of anonymity, but that is not correct," Lt. Gabrielson said. "Everything you do online leaves a footprint. [It] leaves an electronic footprint and that footprint we can trace. That's what we're doing right now."

    School administrators say they have no reason to believe at this time the hacker is a current student. Several tweets include mentions or references to Alter High School. Alter school officials say their school resource officer is working directly with the Fairmont school resource officer. Neither school believes one of their students is responsible.

    "We have a lot of conversations with our students about the positives of social media, the negatives of social media and ways to handle yourself on social media," Alexander said.

    Alexander said the school knew within minutes about the hack and immediately reported it to Twitter. However, more than 36 hours later the account remains active.

    "It's very difficult to get a hold of a person [at Twitter]," he said. "We have been trying and trying but no luck."

    Fairmont administrators said they've contacted Twitter both electronically and over the phone, but they still haven't gotten any response. They say they've also flagged the offensive tweets in hopes of someone taking the account down.

    Alexander said his assistant principal is taking the hacking very hard.

    "When things are going out of that nature that shed a negative light on them as a person and our building, it's detrimental," he said. "You are taking somebody's identity and putting a spin on it that is not them. I don't think there's anybody, whether you think this is funny or not, that would want someone behind closed doors, not knowing who it is, not showing their face coming out and doing things that are inappropriate towards other students, that are inappropriate towards other schools."

    FOX 45 will continue to update this story as the investigation unfolds.

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