Fairborn paramedic given 2 doses of Narcan after treating suspected overdose patient

(Photo: WKEF/WRGT)

FAIRBORN, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - A firefighter paramedic for Fairborn had to be given two doses of Narcan after treating a woman authorities say overdosed Thursday night.

The paramedics were called to help the woman on Euclid Drive just after 7:00 Thursday night, November 9. After treating the woman, the paramedic, who isn't being identified, was driving the patient and another medic in the ambulance.

The paramedic reported that he started feeling sick and was shaking and sweaty. He reportedly pulled over, went to the back of the ambulance and told the other paramedic about the issue, at which point the other medic gave him two doses of Narcan and called for help. In an afternoon update with authorities, FOX 45 was told in total, seven people were told to decontaminate themselves, meaning they removed and bagged their clothes and took showers. Evidence from the scene has been sent to the crime lab, because authorities say they're not sure what drug was in the woman's system and affected the paramedic.

"We have a dangerous job, we all know that," Fairborn Fire Department Division Chief David Reichert said. "We deal with this stuff everyday, but I can tell you that none of our guys and gals think when they come to work that they may die of a drug overdose."

Paramedics wear gloves when they treat people who have overdosed. Authorities say this is an example of how dangerous the job is becoming. The paramedic has been treated and will be fine, authorities say, the woman who overdosed was also treated and released. She will reportedly be facing felony assault charges.

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