Epinephrine injection kit for under $10

Epinephrine injection kit

HAMILTON (WRGT)-- If your child has an allergy you are probably aware of the increasing cost of the EpiPen from Mylan.

A Miami Valley doctor wants parents to know they have alternatives to the costly EpiPen.

Dr. Marcus Romanello is the Chief Medical Officer and the Emergency Medicine Physician at Ft. Hamilton Hospital in Hamilton. He knows all too well how scary it is for parents of children with allergies.

"I have a child, my oldest is actually allergic to tree nuts and has had anaphylactic reactions before and we've had to use his EpiPen before," said Dr. Romanello. "The number of children with food allergies has spiked over the past decade or so.”

He took note when he saw the skyrocketing price of the EpiPens.

"The sudden rise in cost is alarming because I worry about parents who are literally having to choose between carrying a life-saving device and putting food on the table," said Dr. Romanello

He wants parents to know they can save hundreds of dollars.

"I paid $5.89, cash price for this (bottle of epinephrine), no insurance required," said Dr. Romanello.

Less than $6 for the life-saving medicine. Add an Altoid tin and syringe and you've got an epinephrine injector kit for under $10.

"Attach the needle. Pop the top and draw up the prescribed amount," said Dr. Romanello.

But you lose the convenience of the EpiPen.

He says when your doctor gives you the prescription, they can show you how to give the shot.

"It does require some degree of medical comfort with a needle and syringe, drawing up the appropriate dose. If someone were to draw up a little too much, not an issue. In a setting of anaphylactic reaction too much is not going to hurt," said Dr. Romanello.

Dr. Romanello hopes this will help families who might consider saving expired EpiPens that have passed their expiration date to save some cash.

School nurses are allowed to give the shots so you can bring the kit into your child's school.

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