DPS Superintendent issues statement following "no confidence" vote from DEA

(DPS Superintendent Rhonda Corr, Photo:WKEF/WRGT)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Members of Dayton's Education Association voted to ratify a contract agreement with Dayton Public Schools, meaning school will start as planned on August 15.

However, after ratifying the contract, members gave Superintendent Rhonda Corr and the Board of Education a vote of "no confidence." Union president David Romick said members voted that way because of the grueling 8 month process to reach an agreement.

An agreement was finally reached after a marathon negotiating session that lasted approximately 18 hours. While Corr is calling the agreement a "Hail Mary," on Friday she responded to the DEA's vote of "no confidence."

Here is Corr's full statement:

My approach is to bring staff, union leadership and others to the table before decisions are made. Of course, I’m disappointed about the vote of no confidence. For me it excludes the important work the Board, my team, the teachers and I have done to resolve long standing challenges that occurred before my arrival to DPS, along with implementing a collective vision for an educational transformation in the district: One to One technology; the Males of Color Initiative; A new transportation fleet; up to date textbooks in classrooms, The Bring Back the Bands and Drumline Campaign, etc. My decision to step into a mediation process that had been going on for almost six months and in nine days leading us to an accepted contract is something I’m gratified to have accomplished for the district. We re-secured a two year contract with 3% annual raises, the district paying 90% vision coverage, increases in personal days, and reinstating step wage increases. It means teaching continuity that is a best case scenario for our students and families. In his Convocation speech, Dr. Walker laid out a strong and focused Board vision that included expectations for our educators. There are tangible improvements and transformations happening in the educational climate in the district over the last 13 months that we are celebrating at our Back to School Rally on Sunday, August 13th at the Ponitz Career Tech Center. As the adversarial climate hopefully fades, my belief is that our professional educators will come to understand district leadership’s approach to enhancing students’ intellectual development and preparing them to achieve their aspirations. As I demonstrated through my Town Hall meetings regarding busing with RTA and Daycare Centers I heard public concerns and made changes based on the input of parents and the community about what was best for children. My leadership vision is to change the district culture to be more collaborative and solutions based. That is my plan for the future of Dayton Public Schools.

The contract that was agreed to is for two years, meaning the DEA will be back at the bargaining table in about 18 months.

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