DPS approves $457,000 plan in hopes of improving the district

DPS approves $500,000 plan in hopes of improving the district (File: WKEF/WRGT)


The Dayton Public School board approved a program aiming to improve test scores and school culture.

The board approved the $457,000 plan Tuesday.

Superintendent Elizabeth Lolli said she’s confident the program will lead to improvement in the classroom.

“Where students actually understand that they are going to achieve, they are going to be successful,” Lolli said Tuesday after the board approved the program.

The development program would apply to five schools over the next three years.

The schools include Belmont High School, Fairview Elementary, Louise Troy Elementary, Edwin Joe Brown Elementary, and Ruskin Elementary.

The hope is that the program improves not only test scores, but also parent engagement.

"Sometimes our parents don't feel in some of our buildings that they can come into a building and be part of the culture there," said Lolli. "We need our parents there.”

The school board says the program is covered by federal grants and funding.

This coming school year will be year one of the program.

Lolli said the biggest tell sign of Dayton’s success with the program will be when test results come out in year two.

“I think that you'll see the significant changes in student achievement in at least year number two,” said Lolli.

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