DPD raises more than $10,000 during 'No Shave October & November'

DPD raises more than $10,000 during 'No Shave October & November' (Photo: Dayton Police Department) 

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - For the months of October and November, Dayton police officers put down the razors and grew facial hair for two great causes.

The City of Dayton says the department's participation in 'No Shave October and November' resulted in the donation of more than $10,000 to two charities.

Officers grew beards in October during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, money raised then will benefit the Pink Ribbon Girls. In November, as part of Prostate Cancer Awareness month, officers continued growing their facial hair to raise money for Zero- The End of Prostate Cancer.

More than 100 officers, male and female, donated money each month. Pink Ribbon Girls will receive $5,300 and Zero- The End of Prostate Cancer will receive $5,150.

Officers had to shave their bears on December 1, to comply with the Dayton Police Department's dress code.

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