Dozens remember John Crawford, III on Walmart shooting anniversary


BEAVERCREEK, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) -- A somber day for those marking the day John Crawford III was killed at the Beavercreek Walmart.

More than a hundred people honored his memory outside the store this afternoon.

Fox 45 was the only television station there.

Those who knew and love Crawford were there as well as those who never met him.

They all said they want justice for him and that's why they came out.

Music, singing, poetry and speeches, all of these things today, August 5, 2017 marking the third anniversary of John Crawford III getting shot to death in Walmart by a Beavercreek police officer.

Crawford was carrying an air rifle around the store.

Another shopper called 911 saying Crawford was aiming at customers.

The officers have since been cleared of any wrongdoing

Crawford's killing had an impact on one man.

"He changed me so much and I want to see justice for this family, said Talis X.

He was in jail the day Crawford was shot.

"I was a part of a cycle and I didn't know it and once I was able to sit back and begin to realize what was going on around m, I was able to change my ways and break the cycle," said Talis X.

Crawford's parents were there to release balloons .

"It's very very difficult, psychologically it's very difficult but in the midst of it all we have a goal that we have to achieve," the John Crawford, Jr.

His dad hopes to get the case looked at again.

"We're confident that eventually the case will be reopen, there's no statue of limitations on it," said Crawford, Jr.

Right now he's grateful to the community.

"Yellow Springs community, Dayton, all the surrounding communities have been great, and supporting us for the cause and we're just eternally grateful for that," said Crawford, Jr.

Twenty five balloons were released today because Crawford would have turned 25 last week.

Both Beavercreek officers have returned to regular duty.

Angela Williams was a customer who died that day also.

She had a heart attack during the store shooting

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