Dayton Police asking for your help locating theft suspect

Dayton Police asking for your help locating theft suspect (Photo: Dayton Police)

WALL OF JUSTICE: The Dayton Police Department is asking for your help locating a thief.

Officials told FOX 45’s Elyse Coulter they believe the suspect robbed two dollar stores two days in a row.

Surveillance cameras did catch the accused thief in the act.

“The suspect walked in, had his hand wrapped up, told the clerk he had a gun and took off with some money,” Dayton Police Sgt. Monica Evans said.

Police said the suspect robbed the Dollar General on Gettysburg during the week of July 31, before moving on to Salem Avenue the next day.

“The Dollar General was also robbed by, we believe to be the same suspect,” she said.

“He had his hand wrapped in both instances,” Sgt. Evans continued, “indicated he had a gun in both and took off with money.”

The suspect was covered from head to toe, and that included his hand.

“He’s either armed when he enters the store and doesn’t want somebody to know,” she said, “or he’s not armed and doesn’t want people to know that he does not have a gun.”

Police have their concerns about the cases.

“Suspects tend to progress in their crimes, and we don’t want there to be an instance, if he does have a gun, where a shot may be fired,” Sgt. Evans said. “Somebody might get hurt or killed.”

Now, they’re asking for your help to crack the case.

“We’re relying on the public’s help to solve this case,” she said.

“We need the public’s help to get this guy behind bars,” she said, “and make sure that this doesn’t happen again.”

If you recognize the man in the surveillance photos, you’re asked to call Crime Stoppers at 222-STOP.

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