Dayton naturalization ceremony recognizes 36 new U.S. citizens

Dayton naturalization ceremony recognizes 36 new U.S. citizens (WKEF/WRGT)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT)- Amidst the on-going immigration controversy in America, 36 people from 22 countries officially became US citizens after a naturalization ceremony.

Ranging from Russia to Mexico, with different skin colors and religions, immigrants gathered together and took the official oath of citizenship. Each immigrant had a different story regarding what led them to America.

“I wanted to come here because America is the land of opportunity lands of dreams and freedom and democracy is what everyone looks for in their life,” said Indian immigrant, Swapnil Kularni.

Some of those who became citizens came to America seeking asylum.

“The people who took over in my country are killers and are persecuting for nothing because of their origin or ethnicity,” said Rwanda immigrant Agustino Biko. “When I fled my country, I was looking for a peaceful and secure country where I feel very protected so that’s why I made sure I could reach America.”

The new citizens were excited to officially honor the rights America holds to the highest of standards.

“Freedom to do with honest and dignity and also respecting your fellow’s opinions is what I love about this country and look forward to doing my bit,” said Kularni.

Biko added, “I promise I will defend and support the US constitution. I will do all I can to make sure American promise of freedom democracy and opportunity and equality for everybody is secure for future generations.”

Judge Sharon Ovington orchestrated this month's naturalization ceremony. Representatives from congressman Mike turner's and Sherrod Brown's offices were also present offering congratulations and resources.

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