Cheryl Coker's family speaks out after police release new details about prime suspect


    RIVERSIDE, Ohio (WRGT/WKEF) - The family of Cheryl Coker is reacting after riverside police announced her disappearance is now being investigated as a homicide.

    46-year-old Cheryl Coker has been missing since October 2nd.

    Police said Tuesday that her husband William “Bill” Coker is their primary and only suspect.

    Cheryl Coker’s sister in law Barb Carroll said the developments weren’t exactly a surprise to the family

    “We talked to the detective on a weekly basis so he has shared a lot of things with us that we have not been able to discuss,” Carrol said. “So in our minds, no one else could have done this. Not to mention the fact that she filed for divorce a couple of weeks earlier.”

    New surveillance video and 911 call revealing timeline of Cheryl Coker"s disappearance

    RIVERSIDE, Ohio (WKEF-WRGT)- Cheryl Coker disappeared more than 4 months ago and police now tell us they believe she"s dead. Key evidence in this case comes from the Kroger parking lot in Riverside. New surveillance videos and a 911 call is leading police to believe the main suspect is Cheryl Coker’s husband, William "Bill" Coker.

    Carrol says what did hit them hard was police acknowledging Cheryl would likely never be seen alive again.

    As for why Bill Coker would have allegedly killed Cheryl, Carrol says the family doesn’t know by they do know it didn't have to end that way.

    “We’ve known him for over twenty years. We don’t understand why he would do this,” Carroll said. “Why he would not just let her walk away. Why he would do this to her mom, to her family, to her friends and especially how he could do this to his daughters. We have no understanding how he could possibly do something like that to them.”

    Carroll said the family does want to see justice, but right now, the only thing they need is the answer to the question they’ve been asking all along.

    “I think they will eventually arrest him. right now, I think what we want to know as a family is what did you do with her. That’s important for us, is to know what you did with her. We need to bring her that closure.”

    Right now, Bill Coker is not facing any charges.

    We have reached out to Bill Coker at his home and through his phone and social media pages. He did not answer our calls or return our messages.

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