Changes at the Animal Resource Center allowing more animals to find forever homes

    Changes at the Animal Resource Center allowing more animals to find forever homes (Photo Courtesy: MGN Online) <p>{/p}

    DAYTON, Ohio (WRGT/WKEF) - Thirty animals have new homes after getting adopted through the Montgomery County’s Animal Resource Center Sunday. The center said fewer animals are being euthanized and its kennels were nearing capacity.

    Interim Director Bob Gruhl said on Friday 20 animals were adopted out of the center and at the adoption event Sunday 30 animals found loving homes.

    "That's the goal, to get them in, get them healthy, and get them out the community for folks to enjoy and get them loving homes, " said Gruhl.

    Montgomery County officials announced in October a strategy to improve the shelter. Among the goals were improving operations and increasing the live-release rates. Changes started with replacing the longtime director with Interim Director Bob Gruhl.

    "We adopted 20 animals yesterday and that's a really significantly high number for one day," said Gruhl.

    In the recent progress report, the Animal Resource Center said in January they had a 90% live release rate and they found homes for 99 animals. The release report also states that in January a total of 23 dogs and 5 cats were euthanized compared to the 98 dogs and 36 cats that were euthanized in January 2018.

    Gruhl said he has been working with other local rescue organizations to find homes for more animals and to rehabilitate others.

    How you can help with cages nearly full at the Montgomery County ARC

    VANDALIA, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - The Montgomery County Animal Resource Center said they"re almost at max capacity. With Valentine’s Day just two days away, there tends to be an influx of animal drop-offs. Sunday evening, Justin Lenoir couldn"t help but stop when he saw a dog helplessly tied to a bench on North Main Street“I was just driving by," he said.

    "Folks have to remember that a number of animals that are in our shelter are not adoptable, " said Gruhl, " Some of them have medical issues, some of them are involved in litigation in various court procedures, some have behavioral issues and some we're working with."

    The ARC has also been getting close to capacity, the center can hold roughly 175 animals. So adoption events like the one held on Sunday, are a strategy they are using to help find more animals forever homes.

    "That's the nature of how our industry works. We're always going to have animals coming in, we're always going to be picking up animals, " said Gruhl.

    You can learn more about the ARC here, or stop by their location at 6790 Webster Street.

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