Residents and students to benefit from 'teaching' pharmacy in Cedarville


    CEDARVILLE, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - A former hardware store is in the process of being transformed into the only pharmacy in Cedarville.

    Cedarville University purchased the Cedarville Hardware building in May, and they've been hard at work bringing it to where it is today.


    Cedar Care Village Pharmacy is designed to help out residents of the village, while also serving as one of the two 'teaching' pharmacies in Ohio.

    "It's kind of of a win-win for the community," Director of Pharmacy Services for Cedarville University Jeb Ballantine said. "We can fill their missing needs, prescription meds, but we can educate our students, as well as offer them a real life laboratory if you will, where they can practice the hands-on skills under our faculty."

    The pharmacy is waiting on some insurance paperwork, but they plan to officially open it in February.

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