Cedarville student's family stays with her on campus after fleeing the Bahamas

Cedarville student's family stays with her on campus after fleeing the Bahamas (WKEF/WRGT)

CEDARVILLE, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - The Bahamas are bracing for impact as Irma makes landfall, but here at home a Cedarville University student's family just arrived on campus after fleeing the islands.

During times of crisis, nothing beats the comfort of family.

Cedarville University student Rebekah Cates is holding hers tightly, as Hurricane Irma charges toward their home.

"It was an incredible relief to say I have both of my parents here with me in Ohio," Cates said.

They barely made it out of Nassau, the capitol city of the Bahamas.

Her mom Joan said their flight was the last off the island.

"I can just say God and his providence opened up that flight for us," Joan Cates said.

Panic kicked in days ago, as Irma intensified. Rebekah urged her folks to come visit her at school.

"I just feel it could be catastrophic," Rebekah Cates said.

The Cates family boarded up their home and left nearly everything behind.

"Our personal safety life before things is what's most important," Joan Cates.

The weather in the Bahamas is picking up with each passing day.

"The pressure on the barometer I have at home it actually did start to drop yesterday," Joan Cates said.

It will only get worse as Irma draws closer. This category 4 hurricane carries 150 mile-per-hour winds and 20-foot storm surges.

It's hard to ignore the storm's wrath, destroying islands south of the Bahamas.

"We put our properties in God's hands," Joan Cates said.

While family eases the soul, Joan's heart is still on the island.

"It's a relief being here now I know I'm not in it physically but I still feel very much attached a home," Joan Cates said.

The Cates family is watching the hurricane closely and plans to head back to the Bahamas sometime next week.

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