American flag stolen from Miamisburg veteran

American flag stolen from Miamisburg veteran (Courtesy: David Schechter)

MIAMISBURG, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - In a city steeped in American pride, there's one less flag flying over Miamisburg.

It's been a while since David Schechter's flipped through the pages of his past, in a book containing old picture and certificates from when he served in the military. An Air Craft Mechanic, these days, he's got few tangible memories of his service. One used to be right outside his back porch, until it was taken.

"Significant to me," Schechter told Fox 45's Shavon Anderson. "It might not mean anything to anybody else."

The flag he fought to honor, overlooked the hill on Linden Avenue for the last few years. He might never see it again.

"When I was getting out of the service, they flew the flag, brought it down," he recalled. "It's the last thing I had from that squadron."

Neighbors noticed the flag was missing, on Friday.

"Friend of mine came over and said, 'Where's your flag?'"

They took to Facebook, with a simple post, asking if anyone had seen anything. The post took off, now the whole community is searching.

"I mean people I knew, people I didn't," Schechter said. "It was humbling."

The fabric of our nation has different definition for everyone. For Schecter, it binds his family.

"I fought for it, my father did before me, my grandfather before him," he said. "My son, my niece. It means a lot. It's tradition."

"Just give me my flag back," Schechter tells the thief. "I can buy another flagpole. I can't replace that flag."

Miamisburg Police is involved. The neighbors also have security cameras, which Schecter hopes caught a glimpse of what happened.

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