New race director for Air Force Marathon hitting the ground running


    WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - A new race director for the Air Force Marathon is ready to take on the challenge of overseeing races with more than 13,500 combined runners, and he has a special connection to the base. That's why Brandon Hough is Someone You Should Know.

    Inside an old warehouse on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Brand Hough takes a moment to take in what's about to take place. There are boxes full of medals, palates full of Gatorade and snacks plus carts full of race station materials.

    "It looks like chaos but there's an organization to it," said Hough. "There's a method to the madness."

    Each year, the Air Force Marathon brings in runners from all 50 states and some from overseas. There are also 2,400 volunteers helping make the races work. Hough is in charge of bringing it all together.

    "It's the way I feel I can impact people," Hough said.

    For Hough, taking over as race director is like a homecoming.

    "I was stationed at Wright-Patt, I've served here," Hough said. "I've run the race, the full marathon three times, I've raced the 5K. I also run on these roads everyday of the week."

    Now, he's in charge of an event that's anything but small.

    "Remember planning your wedding and it was a 100, 200 person affair?" Hough said. "And how involved that process was and how it consumed you? And now take that and multiply it by 100 and put it on a military installation."

    But for Hough, he said it's a labor of love.

    "If you've ever been at a finish line and watch people cross, there's so many stories there," Hough said. "There's people that have overcome injuries, and weight loss and cancer. Just achieving personal goals. I feel like I get to share in their journey with them. And to share in 12,000 journeys or 13,000 or however many it is, It's more than I could ever ask for. "

    So on the home stretch of planning and preparing for another marathon, Hough says his team of volunteers is ready and excited to see more exciting finishes.

    "In that moment you finish a race, you think about where you were and how far you've come," Hough said. "It's just an incredible accomplishment no matter if it's your first one, or your hundredth."

    If you'd still like to enter in the marathon or one of the other races, you can click here.

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