4 year old recovering in the hospital after being attacked by babysitter's pit bull

    The 4 year old is recovering at the hospital after being attacked by a pit bull (Photo courtesy family)

    SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - A 4-year-old is recovering in the hospital after nearly being mauled to death by a pit bull in Springfield.

    The little girl was with her babysitter when the animal snapped.

    “It’s really bad, it's bad," said the 911 caller. “There’s blood everywhere. He got her face, he got her face.”

    The call was made just moments after the babysitter's pit bull violently attacked the 4-year-old she was watching. The dog mauled the child's entire face.

    “It’s real bad. I tried to get him off of her the best I could. She’s bad. This is so bad. Her face is horrible,” said the caller.

    The babysitter locked herself and the girl inside a bedroom to hide from the dog. Firefighters had to climb through a window to rescue them. The babysitter is 51-year-old Kathy Engle, who had an outstanding warrant the night of the attack for failing to register the dog. Clark County Dog Warden Chief Sandi Click said the dog already had a history of biting, but never to this extreme.

    "The child will probably have permanent scaring. She had a lot of damage done to her,” Chief Click said.

    She said euthanizing the dog was the best option.

    “The fact it also turned on its owner, I was not going to put my staff at risk for 10 days. The owner did not want the dog back. She wanted it to be euthanized,” Chief Click said.

    Chief Click recommends never leaving children and pets unsupervised regardless how much you may trust them.

    "We can’t always predict anymore what a dog's going to do any more than a person's going to do," she said.

    The family said their number one priority right now is making sure their little girl get's better. So far, no charges have been announced.

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