Special Report: Is there a gun in the house?

Special report, Monday, May 8, on Fox 45 News at 10 (WKEF/WRGT)

(WKEF/WRGT) Jodie Sandoval's 14-year old Noah was accidentally killed by a friend in Columbus handling a loaded gun. Then there's Sonya Barge, who left her 3-year old son Markie with a sitter when an 11-year old found a gun in a closet,

"Markie came in and startled him and he was shot in the chest and died."

The stories of parents unnecessarily losing children to accidental shootings are endless, painful and preventable.

As parent myself, I've thought about this but didn't know how to broach subject with other parents and then I got this text from the parent of my daughter’s new friend, Do you all keep guns in your house? If so are they locked and secure?” It was a simple as that.

Springboro mom Debra Monk sent me that text.

“I always get a little nervous before I ask because I don't know how people are going to respond.”

But, Debra doesn't think twice because her daughter Sawyer's safety comes first and she needs to make an informed decision.

“But also so they know that I am concerned just to put it out there. If you do have a gun please let me know that it is secure and safe and if they can't say that then I have to say well how about your daughter or son come over here instead.”

Fighting back expert Bill Parsons says, asking about guns in the home is a reasonable request. He says it can be awkward if you don’t do it correctly but says to make it clear your concerns are not political, it's all about safety.

“Not concerned whether you own one, just how are they handled and how are they stored in your home”.

Brandon Fischer has owned guns since he was 14 and says he would not be offended if another parent asked him if he owned guns. Now he's trying to properly educate his 11-year old daughter.

So while we as parents need to inquire with other parents, we also need to educate our kids. According to the NRA’s website, teach your kids if they encounter a gun to stop, don't touch, run away and tell a grown up.

Don't feel like you are infringing on someone, these are our children. Owning gun is a right but with that right comes responsibility.

One simple question...has the power to save your kids life.

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(WKEF/WRGT) - Before you let your child have a sleepover at a friend's house, there are usually a few things parents discuss first.

If your child has allergies, parents go through what the child can and can't have. But, how do you talk to other parents about gun safety in the home?

In a special report, Monday, May 8, Fox 45's Deborah Linz sits down with a local family to talk about broaching the delicate subject of gun safety in the home. It's a story you'll only see on Fox 45 News at 10 as we work to keep your family safe.

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