Vote 2018: Election results for key races in the May primaries

Election results for key races in the May primaries (Photo: MGN Online)

(WKEF/WRGT) - Ohio voters cast their ballots in the primaries on Tuesday. As the votes come in, FOX 45 is keeping up with some key races ahead of the actual election. Here are the unofficial results from the primaries:

Gubernatorial Republican Candidates

  • Mike DeWine and Jon Husted (R) - Nominated
  • Mary Taylor and Nathan D. Estruth (R)

Gubernatorial Democratic Candidates

  • Richard Cordray and Betty Sutton (D) - Nominated
  • Larry E. Ealy and Jeffrey Lynn (D)
  • Dennis John Kucinich and Tara L. Samples (D)
  • Bill O'Neill and Chantelle C. Lewis (D)
  • Paul E. Ray and Jerry M. Schroeder (D)
  • Joe Schiavoni and Stephanie Dodd (D)

US Senator Republican Candidates

  • Jim Renacci (R) - Nominated
  • Melissa Ackison (R)
  • Mike Gibbons (R)
  • Dan Kiley (R)
  • Don Eckhart (R)

Montgomery County Commissioner Republican Candidates

  • Doug Barry (R) 41.2%
  • Bob Matthews (R) 23.14%
  • Gary Leitzell (R) 35.66%

Montgomery County Commissioner Democratic Candidates

  • Carolyn Rice (D) 88.89%
  • Don Shaffer (D) 11.11%

Dayton City Commission Special Election - This special election is to fill a seat vacated by Commissioner Joey Williams.

  • Darryl Fairchild (D) 51.99%
  • Daryl Ward (D) 48.01%

Issue 1 - Creates a bipartisan, public process for drawing congressional districts

  • For - Passed
  • Against

For a full list of election results from around the Miami Valley and Ohio, check out this page on our website.

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