Know the candidates: Dayton Public School Board candidates

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DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Election Day is November 7 and one of the items voters will decide this time around is who will be appointed to the Dayton School Board.

There are four open seats and eight candidates vying for those positions. Here is a look at the candidates hoping to get your vote:

  • Mohamed Al?Hamdani

Al-Hamdani is a refugee from Iraq and when he and his family arrived in the United States, he attended Dayton Public Schools. He says the most important issues to him are bussing and underfunded public schools. He also says there is not enough support from the community to the board, says there is dysfunction in the board and that a divide is growing between the administration, teachers and the board.

You can learn more about Al-Hamdani online and connect with him on his social media platforms.

  • Paul Bradley

Bradley is a graduate of the University of Dayton and works at Antioch University. Bradley says the school board needs to earn back the respect of Dayton Public School parents, faculty and the community.

You can connect with Bradley on social media here.

  • Ann Marie Gallin

Gallin has been elected as a Dayton Public School Board member in the past. According to her campaign page, Gallin has more than 20 years of experience in DPS as a parent, substitute teacher and volunteer. Gallin says DPS isn't showing success like it should be and the district should be recognizing poverty in the district and respond in a different way with education.

You can connect with Gallin on Facebook here.

  • William E. Harris Jr

Harris Jr. is part of the Vote for All Four committee, who and says right now Dayton Public Schools is failing local kids. He's advocating for a clean slate for the school board. He is a father of two children who graduated from DPS, he is also a local pastor.

You can connect with Harris on Facebook here.

  • Joe Lacey

Lacey is the only incumbent running for re-election. He was first elected in 2005 and is the chair of the Finance Committee and is on the Academic Performance Committee. On his Facebook page, Lacey writes that he voted "no" to lower academic eligibility, "no" on extending the AD, Mark Baker's contract, voted "no" to firing Coach Pullen and "no" to closing Wright Brothers, which he says was the district's highest performing grade school.

Learn more about Lacey here.

  • Jocelyn Rhynard

Rhynard says Dayton Public Schools need parents to serve on the board. If elected she says protect and maintain buildings that are already in place, emphasize the need for regular program evaluations and ensure transportation for students works properly. Rhynard has four children who attend DPS and she has served as the co-chair of the PTO at River's Edge Montessori.

Learn more about Rhynard and her campaign here.

  • Jo'el Jones

Jones is a lifelong Dayton resident and parent to a child who attended Dayton Public School. On her Facebook page, she writes that she's running for a seat on the school board because she says kids need a champion.

You can connect with her on Facebook here.

  • Karen Wick?Gagnet

Wick-Gagnet is the owner of Coco's Bistro in Dayton and a member of the Vote for All Four committee. She is the mother of two DPS grads and former PTA president of Horace Mann. She says DPS parents, students and residents deserve a board who can come together, listen and put the district on a path forward.

Connect with her online here.

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