Dunbar's football team takes the field against Belmont after off-season controversy

Dunbar's football team takes the field against Belmont after off-season controversy (WKEF/WRGT)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - After an off season filled with controversy, Dunbar’s football team is back on the field.

They faced off on the gridiron Thursday night against Belmont, the same team they were ordered to throw a game against last season.

Parents are still upset about it, and FOX 45 is working to get answers from DPS Athletic Director Mark Baker.

"The full truth was shared with the public," Dunbar parent Nicole Robinson said.

Robinson's son Dale is playing on the defensive line this season.

"I think it was hard to move past it, but because we stuck together collectively l think we've done ok moving forward," Robinson said.

In a game between the same two teams last year, Dunbar players were told to lose to avoid reporting an ineligible player.

They literally handed the ball over. This caught OHSAA’s attention, and it then handed down three years’ probation and a $10,000 fine to the district.

Baker got a verbal warning, as well as a contract extension. But Dunbar coach Darran Powell was let go.

A FOX 45 investigation revealed a memo saying coaches and principals claim Baker told Powell to throw the game.

For months, FOX 45 tried to get Baker's side of the story, but he always refuses to go on camera.

Thursday night, FOX 45’s Nathan Edwards confronted him at the game. Baker walked away, not answering questions about his role in the controversy.

Dayton Public Schools said he was focused on the game and not prepared for an interview.

After our investigation, Powell was rehired. He was back on the sidelines Thursday night.

"It was so exciting when he was reinstated as the coach of Dunbar High School," Robinson said.

Robinson is now focused on the future, not the past.

"We are excited to leave last year where it was and move forward in a positive direction," Robinson said.

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