DPS officials made recommendations on 'right-sizing' schools in the district

DPS officials made recommendations on 'right-sizing' schools in the district (WKEF/WRGT)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Dayton Public Schools officials have put out their recommendations related to the plan to 'right-size' their buildings.

At a meeting Tuesday night, they said recommended that Valerie Elementary should close, meaning students would move to Meadowdale, which would effect in Fall 2018. Acting Superintendent Elizabeth Lolli said they specifically selected Valerie because the building is battling asbestos, it's currently the oldest building in the district, the HVAC systems are old and have safety issues and that it would take about $2 million to complete all the necessary repairs.

For that same fall, DPS will also begin a review of Meadowdale and Dunbar high schools, and then review the locations of high schools throughout the district to see if any schools need to be closed in the second year of the 3-year plan.

Officials also recommended moving all kindergarten students out of Rosa Parks to nearby schools, only keeping Pre-K in the building, as well as closing Ludlow Building 1 and moving the central office into Ludlow 2. They also said they are considering a 1-year plan to actively recruit for Dayton Boy's Prep in order to increase enrollment starting in the fall of this year.

For the second year of the plan, officials said they will monitor all enrollment, but specifically MHS, Dunbar and WOW to determine if closings need to be made. At that point in time, they will also begin to review Belmont as well.

The recommendation was made as Dr. Lolli presented data collected over the past few months, including feedback from parents on the process to determine which schools will close.

Valerie Elementary was the only school officials recommended immediately closing and demolishing while at the meeting.

School Board President William Harris did say that the board will not vote on the recommendation at the same meeting, but it's "more than likely" that they will vote on it at the March 20 school board meeting.

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