DPS continues conversations with parents about potentially closing schools

DPS continues conversations with parents about potentially closing schools (WKEF/WRGT)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) – Dayton Public Schools continued to piece together how they’re going to deal with potentially closing schools at a meeting with parents at Valerie Elementary Monday night.

Board officials said the building needs $2 million worth of repairs, and they’re considering closing the doors, along with other eight schools, and moving students to nearby buildings.

The list is currently;

  • Dayton Boys Preparatory Academy
  • Edwin Joel Brown Middle School
  • Innovative Learning Center
  • Meadowdale High School
  • Meadowdale Pre K-6
  • Rosa Parks Early Learning Center
  • Westwood Pre K-6
  • Wogaman Middle School
  • World of Wonder Pre K-6

Valerie Elementary does not deal with low enrollment like some of the other schools the district is considering closing, actually having a waiting list of students wanting to transfer. However, the cost of repairs has put them on the chopping block, as district is also still paying debt on other buildings.

Board members promised parents they will consider distance and accessibility for families before making a final decision, and that student to teacher ratios will drop for better learning.

Some parents at the meeting did say they’d leave the district if their schools closed.

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