Wall of Justice: Mont. Co. detectives need your help finding suspected murderer

Wall of Justice: Mont. Co. detectives need your help finding suspected murderer (WKEF/WRGT)

WALL OF JUSTICE: The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is asking for your help finding a man they believe committed a murder.

Photos of the scene in Harrison Township from July 9 show what detectives believe happened to the victim Orlando Edwards.

“Was scheduled to meet up with a new Facebook friend who went by the name on Facebook as Carlos DeWayne,” Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Detective Brian Shiverdeck said.

The victim, who was also known as ‘Fat Lando’ was rushed to the hospital in a private car. He later died at Good Sam.

“Orlando was someone’s son,” he said. “He comes from a loving family. So we’re basically just seeking to find some closure for the family.”

Detectives believe Edwards was killed in a robbery gone wrong.

“Cearly shows, just with our investigation, he has no reard for human life,” Det. Shiverdeck said.

They said the person responsible was using a Facebook page with the name, but they’ve also hit the limit of that lead.

“We reached out to Facebook,” he said. “We’ve issued warrants to Facebook, in regards to the deleted account of Carlos DeWayne and have had no response from Facebook.”

Now they’re turning to the public for help.

“Our main goal is to bring their loved ones that are still here some closure,” Det. Shiverdeck said.

“At some point,” he continued, “somebody was probably friends with this guy on Facebook. Someone out there is friends or was friends with the individual that went by Carlos DeWayne. And someone out there knows who Carlos DeWayne is, and the sooner we can get the public’s help, the sooner we can get him off the street and he can answer up for what he’s done.”

If you have any information about the person running the Facebook page, you’re asked to call Crime Stoppers at 222-STOP.

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