Piqua Police asking for your help finding brazen robbery suspect

Piqua Police asking for your help finding brazen robbery suspect (Courtesy: Piqua Police Department)

WALL OF JUSTICE: Piqua Police are asking for your help finding a brazen robbery suspect.

They say the thief walked into a local grocery store, handcuffed an employee and took off with the cash.

“I’ve just been, I’ve just been, I’ve just been robbed.”

The employee made a frantic call for help after the robbery at Ulbrich’s in Piqua.

“Did you see the gun?” a dispatcher asked,

“Yes, he pointed it at my face,” the employee said.

“He walked directly to the office,” Piqua Police Detective Miles Gearing said. “To know that was the office upstairs and walk directly to it, it’s likely he had been there before.”

Detective Gearing said the location wasn’t the only thing the robber seemed to be familiar with.

“He obviously knew what he was doing and knew he had time,” he said. “He had detained her and handcuffed her, so she was unable to notify the authorities immediately.”

The suspect was caught on surveillance video.

“Immediately walked to his left where there’s a staircase that goes to the upstairs office,” Detective Gearing said. “He paused in the staircase and put on a mask.”

The suspect took off his green jacket, dramatically changing appearance between the two camera shots.

“When he walks around the coroner on the next screen shot,” he said, “he was wearing a red flannel shirt, a mask and a hat and gloves.”

Video then shows the suspect walk into the office and scuffle with the clerk.

“He didn’t back down from her,” Detective Gearing said. “He fought back, and he was in control of the situation.”

The robber than handcuffed the employee to the door and calmly walked out.

“Probably not the first time he’s done it,” the detective told FOX 45’s Elyse Coulter, “based on going in and being able to do it like that. He had it planned out, and knew exactly what he was going to do.”

Police said the suspect should be easy to identify.

“The suspect walks with a pretty distinct limp that reminds you of somebody you know,” Detective Gearing said.

They’re hoping you’ll know him and turn him in. If you do, you’re asked to call 865-TIPS.

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