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The following is an archived video story. The text content of that video story is available below for reference. The original video has been deleted and is no longer available.

UPDATE: Springboro Woman Accused of Child Rape in Court Friday

SPRINGBORO -- A woman charged with raping a young child and videotaping it will be back in court tomorrow.

Tanai Fortman was arrested after a friend found the images on her cell phone and called police.

Fortman's phone, tablet, computer and cameras were all seized from her Springboro home.

Investigators are still trying to figure out who Fortman was sending the child porn to, but they believe she may have been working for an online sexting company.

Earlier coverage:

SPRINGBORO-- A Springboro woman was charged with  raping a young child and videotaping it.

Tanai  Fortman  is locked up in the warren County Jail.  She has been  charged  with  raping a small child.  She is also accused of  video taping   the sex  act.    
"It's disgusting.   There is no other way to put it.."   Warren County Prosecutor David Fornshell said.

"You hope something like that doesn't happen in  your county." He added.
Fortman's friend found the disturbing videos on her cell phone. He   talked only to ABC 22/ FOX 45. 

 "I was  actually completely  enraged.  It just made me sick  to my stomach.  I saw red. I  can't imagine any child going through that."  He said.  

Fortman's  friend took  her  phone  and immediately  called  police.
"She asked me to delete  the videos but there was no way I was going to comply with that." He said.
Fornshell said  the woman's  phone, tablet, computer and cameras  were all seized  from her Springboro  home.
Investigators  are still trying to figure out   who was receiving  end of the videos.  According to the police report,  Fortman  told police  she  was working for an online sexting company and got a message requesting sex with a female.
 Prosecutor Fornshell  said  there are  people   out there willing to  buy  child porn. He said  investigators are in the process of  tracking them down.
"If you are caught  producing or in possession  of child porn,   you are going to prison for a long time. " He said.

Fortman  claims she doesn't remember taping the sex act.  According to  the police report, she told police she took  a large amount of diet
 pills which made her black  out.       

 Fortman is being held in the Warren County Jail. She'll be in court to answer to these charges  on Wednesday. 
Earlier Coverage:

SPRINGBORO -- A Springboro woman was indicted Monday morning on four counts of rape, and gross sexual imposition and two counts of pandering sexual oriented material involving a minor.

Tanai Fortman, 32, is accused of taking videos of her and a child under the age of 5 in sexually explicit situations.

Springboro Police say Fortman's friend found five 30-second videos when he was searching her cell phone and tablet because he suspected she was cheating on him.

According to a Springboro police incident report, Fortman said she works for an online sexting company and doesn't remember making the videos, saying that she had taken a large amount of supplements used for weight loss and was unconscious while making the vidoes.

Fortman told police at the time of her arrest that she was sick to her stomach when she saw the videos of her and the child and would never hurt the child.

Previous coverage:

JUNE 27: Springboro Woman Accused of Sexually Explicit Videos With a Young Child

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