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The following is an archived video story. The text content of that video story is available below for reference. The original video has been deleted and is no longer available.

UPDATE: Mom of Bullied Teen Suing Middle School for Not Following Rules

BELLBROOK -- The mother who says her son was knocked unconscious on a school bus is suing Bellbrook Middle School for not following its own protocol.

Caleb Leonard's mother, Lisa, told us she in the process of filing a civil suit against Bellbrook Middle School, not just because she told the school a year ago that her son was being bullied, but because the student responsible was not disciplined according to district regulations.

Video captured the 13 year old being knocked unconscious by another student on his bus ride home on October 29.

We're told the student was suspended for two days following the incident.

We went looking for answers. According to the Bellbrook Middle School handbook, assault is a Category I offense with consequences of "up to 10 days suspension with expulsion recommended." Next in writing, "Police notified."

Under Bus Regulations the handbook says "Physical altercation will result in three days suspension of bus privileges."

Lisa says the child was on the bus the next day.

"The school didn't go by protocol. They were automatically supposed to call the police department and they didn't do it. The only way the police department knew is when I went to go press charges against the child," Lisa Leonard told us Monday.

We spoke to the Bellbrook police detective on the case and he confirmed Lisa's story, saying the school dropped the ball.

Whenever a criminal act takes place the school is supposed to contact the police department immediately.

We've made several attempts over the past two days to contact Bellbrook school officials. Calls to Superintendent Keith St. Pierre remain unanswered.

We will keep contacting the school system until our questions are answered.

Earlier coverage:

BELLBROOK -- Police released video that shows a middle school student being knocked unconscious by another student on the school bus.

A 13-year-old receives a blow to the head from a classmate. It's an attack Caleb Leonard says is not out of the ordinary.

"I feel like he enjoys watching me suffer," Caleb, a Bellbrook Middle student, said Tuesday by his mother's side.

Video taken on a Bellbrook school bus on October 29, according to a police report, shows the 20-pound book bag knock Caleb unconscious. He stayed that way for more than five minutes before the bus driver was alerted and shook him awake.

"It was disgusting, honestly. It made me really sick," Lisa Leonard, Caleb's mother, said Tuesday. "My son could've died. And he would've just sat there and watched him."

Lisa Leonard says her son still hasn't recovered from the attack that sent him to the hospital with a bloody ear and a concussion.

Lisa immediately filed charges against the 13-year-old boy. He is a classmate Caleb says has bullied him since the fifth grade.

"I try to be nice to him but he just doesn't want to be nice back," Caleb said softly.

"He never told me about it until the sixth grade because he told me he was going to hang himself and I said why. So it evolved to that. They said they were going to take care of it, but apparently they didn't take care of it," Lisa recalled angrily.

Lisa says the student accused in the attack was suspended for two days following the bus incident, but feels the punishment was not severe enough. She is now pursuing a civil lawsuit against Bellbrook Middle School.

"Not just for my child but for every other child. There is not a zero-tolerance bully policy and there has to be. There has to be one, Leonard said passionately.

Caleb says he's no longer taking bullying sitting down either:

"I want to try to start an anti-bullying program and I got some of my friends and they want to join," Caleb said.

We tried to reach out to the Bellbrook superintendent who was out of the office on Tuesday.

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