Parents of local star Joe Thuney re-live the drama of Super Bowl 51

WASHINGTON TWP, Ohio (WRGT) -- The party continues for a local star who is still celebrating just days after winning Super Bowl 51. Alter graduate, Joe Thuney is getting little rest after playing roughly 90 snaps for the Patriots on Sunday. His parents are back home in the Dayton area, and giving FOX45 the full story of their night in Houston.

At halftime their hearts dropped, as Mike Thuney began starring at his son's every play, and wondering if the team could come back from being down 25 points to the Atlanta Falcons. Once the Patriots pulled off the improbable turn around, he said it became pure pandemonium at NRG Stadium. He said it almost felt like he was going to meet the President. The family rushed down private escalators to meet Joe on the field right before the trophy ceremony with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

"You literally could not hear Roger from 20 feet away,” laughed Mike Thuney, “There's no way they could have heard him on the mic system. I mean it was overwhelmingly, just a loud crescendo of booing. I mean it was absolutely incredible."

"Oh I think we were all crying and hugging. I think he was all wet from rain, or perspiration,” described Joe’s mother Beth Thuney, “Just dirty, and he had confetti stuck to his head from it coming down, and just hugging and crying, and can you believe it, can you believe it? That's what I remember hearing him say, and us saying no we can't believe it."

Joe and his family spent the night hobnobbing with celebrities. Thuney's relatives got to take their picture with Tom Brady’s wife Gisele Bundchen.

The celebration lasted days with Joe spending Tuesday with his fellow offensive lineman on “Duck boats” parading through the streets of Boston. The Thuney’s said their son continued on to Providence for a second trophy celebration in Rhode Island, but his family is still piecing together the after party from Sunday night.

"Just out of the clear blue you start seeing John Legend, and Old Dominion comes on, and Lil Wayne comes on, and Pitbull comes on, then Snoop comes on,” said Mike Thuney of the star studded after party, “You felt like you were in Los Angeles for the Oscars or something, or Grammys. It was crazy."

"When we talked to him last night he said, I'm really tired now so I think finally he can sleep, and then I don't think there are any commitments tomorrow, so that will be good," said Beth.

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