Dayton Dragons remodel outfield seating section adding "All You Can Eat" buffet

DAYTON, Ohio (WRGT) -- The Dragons are giving their outfield seating area a new makeover.

The section known as the “Dragon's lair” is getting a facelift, and a new ticket. It includes free souvenirs, and an “All you can eat” buffet. The area is designed for groups, and individual tickets range from $32 to $38 depending on the time of the year.

"Kind of a one stop, you don't have to worry about coming to the ball park and finding your concession stand, or food options that you want, or have to think about the drink,” said Trafton Eutsler with the Dragons, “Really, again, it's just a one stop area for everything, so we are really excited. I think it's going to make a tremendous impact on all the different groups at the ball park."

The Dragons kick off the season on April 6th, but will host a Reds Futures Game on April 1st. It will showcase some of the best young talent in the Reds farm system.

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