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Question of the Day

What's your view on marriage: only between a man and woman, or any two people?


Comment: This shouldn't even be a question! from Dayton, OH by Dawn

Comment: It was voted to be banned in an election. Unlike back then where there wasn't a stronger generation and people weren't as brave to come out. Reintroduce this on the ballot instead of relying on judges to solve it. from Dayton by Makoto

Comment: God made it clear in the bible that marriage is for one man and one women. from Miamisburg /Ohio by Trisha

Comment: Love is LOVE!!! You can't deny someone equal rights, something you take for granted, based solely on YOUR religious's not everyones!! from Xenia OH by Stephanie

Comment: This is n o longer debatable, as the courts will detemine it, no matter what my views are. I just ask that those of us that must be tolerant of your lifestyle and viewpoints, that you be tolerant of ours. from Huber Heights by Ro

Comment: You love who you love! A legal marriage is a document stating two people vowed to be together. I think same sex couples need a legal document to protect them when it comes to their children and medical issues. I know some people see that biblically they should not get married but you know what I know plenty of non believers and they are married. from Beavercreek, OH by Christina

Comment: Marriage is out dated . No longer relevant . from Dayton Ohio by Tom

Comment: It's not my place to judge. You can be as deep into your religion as you want but by throwing your beliefs at those who sin differently than you, you are missing one key thing: let God be the judge. If you believe so heavily that marriage is made for only man and woman, then let others make decisions for themselves and worry less about hating them for their so called sins. We cannot expect to see peace and unity in this world if we are constantly hating each other because they don't live the way we do. So, I say: let them be married and let them live their life as they see fit. It's not our place to judge them. from Camden Ohio by Christi

Comment: Love who you want and keep religion and govt. out of it! from dayton, oh by david

Comment: Any two people of legal consenting age. from Kettering, OH by Josh

Comment: I think it is not our place to put our values on other people and tell them who they can and can't love. There is too many issues that we all need to pull together to straighten out that would help all mankind to put our energy. from Kettering, Ohio by Sue

Comment: I see it as long as you love some one or thing you should be aloud to marry. from bellefontaine oh by tommie

Comment: God made man for a woman. from Lewisburg'ohio by Debra

Comment: I have been with my partner for seventeen years that is longer than most heterosexual marriages. Why do people even care about other people's relationships? Focus on your own. from Dayton Ohio by Kellie

Comment: The only way God meant it to be. from troy, Oh by Jeff

Comment: Is you take that a man/man or woman/woman isn't allowed to marry from the bible then you're interpreting it wrong. from Riverside by Megan

Comment: I tend to flip flop on the subject but, where does it end. Ofcourse they deserve the same rights because they are people but, what about single parents? A women who is both Mother and Father? Same rights? from Columbus, Ohio by Carol

Comment: I believe that marriage is between two people who wish to spend their lives together. Gender and sexual orientation should not matter. from Eaton, OH by Josh

Comment: Marriage is a commitment between two people. I doesn't matter the sex of the participants. from Withrow by Rob

Comment: Relationship...Yes. Marriage...NO! If two women can get insurance living together, why can't a woman and her daughter who happen to live together get benefits? Oh, it's the sex, you say. Hopefully, there is none between mother and daughter and sex between same sex partners is as unnatural as having sex with an animal. Guess that's next. from Dayton, OH by Joy

Comment: You can have a legal partnership but marriage is for a man and woman from Beavercreek /Oh by Ann

Comment: There are 2 kinds of marriage – Legal and Religious. Most take place at the same time in the same ceremony. Traditionally marriage is between a man and a woman, but the times – they are a changin’. The US Constitution tells us … “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” If someone finds happiness with someone else, why do we feel the need to squash it? We are not put here on the earth to judge anyone else. Matthew 7:1 tells us “Judge not lest ye be judged” so is it right for us to judge others for doing what it is that they find happiness is? Does your neighbor’s private life bother you? They call it a PRIVATE LIFE for a reason. Keep your nose out of it. Does it matter who the lady 3 blocks over is in love with? Does THAT effect your life? Your health? The well being of your family? Probably not. So why should you be bothered by what makes them happy? Leave them alone, they just want to be happy. Who really cares? from Urbana, OH by Suzanne

Comment: Your options are not specific enough. Marriage should be between any two CONSENTING ADULTS OF LEGAL AGE and that includes people of the same sex. A question: why is the religious issue relevant to this discussion given that marriage is first and foremost a CIVIL legal contract? People can get married without any religious aspect to the marriage, and no religious approval is required before people get divorced. We live in a democracy that espouses freedom from and of religion so religion really shouldn't be an issue when it comes to the CIVIL right to marry, should it? from Miamisburg, OH by Jerry

Comment: Any two consenting adults. from Yellow Springs by Rev. Aaron

Comment: I am married to the love of my life . BUT we had to go all the way to D.C to do so. I think everyone that is in love should be able to be married to whom ever you are in love with romantically in love with. God does not make mistakes and he made me and I am NOT a mistake! from Middletown by michele

Comment: any two consenting people of legal age from Springfield OH by Petra

Comment: --who are committed to loving each other from Centerville, OH by Bev Jenkins

Comment: Love is Love and all should have the right to marry period from Kettering, OH by Rhonda

Comment: Check the way your genitals work. Designed in a particular function. from Kettering, Ohio by Joseph

Comment: The Bible (God's holy word) only honors and recognizes marriage between a man and a woman. !!!!! nuff sed! from Centerville, OH by Bob T.

Comment: Love doesn't discriminate. Why do we care so much about withholding rights? from Centerville, Ohio by Terri

Comment: Or three or four or ... Consenting adults can do whatever they want in their marriage.

Comment: The Bible tells us this. Otherwise, it is a partnership. from casstown ohio by jackie thase

Comment: The life choices of others should have no bearing the type of union they share. from Kettering by Susanne

Comment: If people are in love and committed to each other then that commitment should be recognized under the law. Same sex marriage is not gay privilege, it's equal rights. Privilege would be something like gay people not paying taxes. Like churches don't. from Dayton by Devin

Comment: Any two consenting adults. from Tabb by John

Comment: Love is Love! from Xenia,OH by Patty

Comment: Love is love. from Riverside Ohio by Steven

Comment: Marriage should be allowed for any two people. from Miamisburg, Ohio by Lawrence

Comment: ANY two consenting adults. from Saint Paris, Ohio by Leslie Bentley

Comment: OMLY MAN AND WOMAN. PERIOD from West Carrollton, Ohio by Mike

Comment: Marriage should be legal between any two consenting adults. Marriage is about dedication and love. As long as both participants have the physical maturity and mental capacity they should be allowed to Wed. If they "promise to love [one another], comfort [their partner], honor and keep them for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, and forsaking all others, be faithful only to them, for as long as they both shall live" their love should be respected! from Chicago, Illinois by Jolene

Comment: It is simple if you consider how men and women were designed by God- our biological make-up is meant for a man and a woman to be joined together- the other options don't work! from Pitsburg, Ohio by Brenda

Comment: Of legal age from Dayton by Karen

Comment: Why not?

Comment: of legal age and consent from Dayton/OH by Sue

Comment: For almost two decades marriage has been defined as 'two consenting adults' in The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Canada, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Iceland and Argentina. from Vandalia, Oh by Lola

Comment: Marriage should not be limited to just a man and a woman. Homosexuality is not a disease or a birth defect. Why is it being treated as such? I am a straight male, but it is not my place to say who can fall in love with who. And to be quite honest, I have seen more same sex relationships last a lot longer than some heterosexual relationships. What does that say? from Fairborn, Ohio by Mike

Comment: A number of people keep quoting The Bible. I did not realize that The Bible applies to US citizens that are Buddhist, Jews or of any other religion. No one seems to want to make fornication, adultery, divorce or inter-racial marriage illegal. My Bible says those things are sins. from Dayton,Oh by Marcq

Comment: God said Adam and Eve from Dayton ,Ohio by Richard Gilbertson

Comment: Some people here have been discussing sex. I did not realize that marriage was only about sex. I certainly hope when someone looks at my wife and I (female/male)they don't instantly picture us having sex! from Vandalia,oh by Herm

Comment: As long as they love each other and it makes them happy it really Dosen't mater wheather it's opposite sex or same sex marriage! from St. Paris, Ohio by Greg

Comment: Love can and should be all we are talking about. Heterosexuals have make a mockery of marriage. I know my son and his ten year relationship has more commitment than most hetero marriages. He should be allowed to marry and be respected, not condemned and harassed for loving. Our leaders should take a stand and stop this witch hunt. from huber heights, ohio by cynthia monce

Comment: It just is 😄 from Ohio by Kendra

Comment: Nature will teach us that it is wrong for two males or two females are wrong dogs know better or any two animals. from Fairborn OH by Robert

Comment: As long as it's between two consenting adult sapient creatures, I don't see any problem with it. from Waynesville OH by Gordon

Comment: The only effect of my gay friends on my marriage was to show me what a good one looked like. It's embarrassing that Ohio still has not legalized gay marriage. from Dayton, OH by Monica

Comment: I also feel that if three or more consenting asks wish to unite/marry they have every right to do so. from Akron, Ohio by Kelly

Comment: With all the divorces between man and women happening, why is their marriage so much more sacred that a marriage between two men or two women? from Sidney, Ohio by Patrick

Comment: The whole thing is weird. Why do they want what has been created by God? Do their own thing. Don't ruin marriage and family values. People are different so they should have different means to meet their needs. by Noway

Comment: Weddings are an expression of love and commitment between 2 people. All should have the opportunity to share that love. from Jacksboro, TX by Bob

Comment: I applaud your efforts to open this topic. I wish it had been live in primetime. Marriage rights are important in Ohio, but we have so far to go in basic equality. I live in Clark County where I can be refused a rental property because I am gay. When do we finally decide that discrimination of any kind is wrong and should be condemned from springfield ohio by tim

Comment: No comment, just the way I believe, from Branford Fl. by Helen

Comment: It's a personal and private matter between any two adults. Not up for public approval. Otherwise we'll find ourselves needing approval from the public on if we can have children or where we can live, what to wear, eat or say. People need to mind they're own affairs and stop sticking their noses in other peoples business and private lives. How would heterosexual people like it if they were told they can only marry someone of the same race, age, nationality or earning potential? It's absurd. from Dayton, Ohio by Philip

Comment: Every person has the right to live humanily why take away their human rights.

Comment: Though the should be "Between two consenting adults" rather than any two people (the naysayers come up with such weird excuses as to why same- sex marriage shouldn't happen). from Oregonia, Ohio by Cynthia

Comment: I know that I may be too late to participate in this topic. but I would like to say my wife and I have been together for 25 years. We had a ceremony in Ohio last year. we went to New York this year and also got married legally. we also had a domestic partnership out of all three of these. The one that had the most meaning was the New York marriage. We are now legal and it does make a difference. Legally I now have the same rights as any other married couple here in Ohio (now that out of states marriages are recognized). We don't want more than any one else we just want the right to have the same. from troy by Wanda

Comment: the way of GOD from SPRINGFIELD by JRO

Comment: who cares love is love from Indianapolis, In by N Terrell

Comment: call me old fashioned but its what the Bible says and that's good enough for me. I have a feeling a lot of people are gonna regret some decisions later. from Greenville, Ohio by Richard

Comment: Two consenting adults should be allowed to enjoy the same marriage benefits as everybody else. Like me and my boyfriend. from Xenia, OH by Tomasz

Comment: WHO.CARES? Seriously??! All the religious types are so concerned and aren't they taught that it isn't THEIR place to judge, that it's God's place to make judgement? And with all the people that are in marriages of the hetero - did anyone weigh in on your choice of spouse? Oh, and as the mom of three kids, don't you remember the whole "tattle-tale scenario"? Don't worry about it unless they are bleeding, barfing, or on fire... If you don't like gay marriage, then don't marry a gay person. from Dayton, OH by Juanita

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