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Question of the Day

If the shutdown continues and lawmakers don't resolve the debt ceiling, who do you blame?

37.86% President Obama and Senate Democrats
36% Speaker Boehner and House Republicans
26.13% Both parties

Comment: It's always Obamas way or no way. He has never negotiated with the republicans. He is also the most closed government control freak president ever. I think he enjoys withholding public government controlled privileges from the American people. from Miamisburg Ohio by Hakeem

Comment: Speaker Boehner and House of Representatives have at the very minimum tried to come up with 4 different plans to which Obummer flat out refuses to consider. He thinks everything has to be his way or the highway. That is not they way this country was set up to run. It is not a dictatorship.

Comment: it closed over Obamacare its not that people don't want to be insurance they can't afford it.So now we in force and tax wth. from colubus ohio by bree

Comment: If the media was doing their job we would know & trust what is happening. But no the media us corrupt, dishonest & bias. from Columbus, Ohio by Deborah

Comment: Obama is the elected president and has the overall leadership responsibility of bring this nation together. His policies and spending are devise more than anytime in history. from El Paso, TX by Brendan

Comment: When Republicans refuse to negotiate, they say the Republicans are at fault. When Democrats refuse to negotiate, they say the Republicans are at fault. from Kettering, OH by Eric

Comment: Obama can blame the republicans all day long but actions speak louder than all his meaning chatter. He has not intentions of negotiation but bully school yard tactics. It way passed time he grows up and acts like a adult. from Brookville by Terri

Comment: At first I would have said both parties - but moves by the Republicans to soften the impact of the government closure by allowing certain government facilities and parks to remain open to the general public - but the democrats have refused to allow any of these to pass - now I would say it is the democrats who are throwing temper tantrums trying to get their own way no matter what! from Xenia, OH by Marsha

Comment: ObamaCare will bankrupt this country to the point that other countries will walk in and take control of the United States! from West Alexandria Ohio by Debbie

Comment: First, they government is NOT shutdown. The white house is spending extra money to make it appear that is shutdown. Second, Boehner and company are actually doing their jobs for once. They need to stand up to the narcissistic fascist ruler. Debt "ceiling" cannot be raised and spending MUST be reduced or the results will be much more catastrophic than this phony "shutdown". from Sidney, OH by Mike

Comment: President Obama he does not want to negotiate with anyone. Its his way or no way. With the new health care , if its the law of the land it need to work for everyone the same, including himself. If there is a delay it should be for all. Sounds like to me the health care exchange was not ready anyway. What would a delay for all hurt. from Huber Heights Ohio by Judy

Comment: House has passed bills for funding that Sen Reid will not allow to be voted on. Blockage in system is Harry Reid, with will not negotiate Pres Obaa. from Kettering OH by Kathy

Comment: Harry Reid and Obama, they are the only ones to blame. They say they won't compromise, then preach to the people about how Republicans won't compromise. That shows a real lack of leadership and maturity. from Beavercreek, Ohio by Chad

Comment: obama is conceited from sidney ohio by joyce

Comment: The "blame-game" again! Everyone knows it is "O" way or the highway so he can spend more money and get the US further in debt. Why Barack Obama and the Democrats insist on forcing Obamacare onto the American people is the real story here. Republicans are standing up for the American people, and it is Harry Reid, Barack Obama and the Democrats who are standing in the way!!!!!!!! from Bellbrook, OH by C

Comment: Obama has NO right to change law for government officials, and expect We The People to tolerate it! from Dayton, Ohio by Rose

Comment: President wants his way no matter what so will push it till the end. from Ohio by Karen

Comment: Actually, I blame the president himself more than anyone as he never takes the reigns and leads, he simply points the finger and places blame. from PA by Kevin Carlisle

Comment: By stating that he is not going to negotiate, President Obama has and continues to promote the Shutdown. An overwhelming number of people in the country do not want Obamacare. The first week of operation on has been a catastrophic failure. The President is giving a free pass to Big Business and the Unions, yet will not back down for those of us that are being forced to sign onto this poor legislation. I believe that the Republican Party is speaking up for and watching out for the interests of Americans and for the horrific economy that will result with the Presidents signature legislation from Beavercreek, OH by Bob

Comment: we the people dose not want goverment healthcare from New Lebanon Ohio by Anthony

Comment: The house is trying to make compromises & the democrats are standing firm at forcing Obamacare on the American people. from Dayton, OH by Chris

Comment: I think that what Obama is doing is an abuse of authority! from Spfld., ohio by Memi

Comment: Presidents have always been willing to negotiate in the past. What makes this one above all that from West Carrollton by Lisa

Comment: is it not the president's duty to work with both sides? Not to throw temper tantrums because he isn't getting his way. We want a strong leader, not a big cry baby. from Middletown, Ohio by Linda

Comment: That is the side not showing up for talks. from Brookville, Ohio by Karen

Comment: While the three houses are co-enablers, i.e. Representative, Senate, and White House, numerous bills from the House were sent to Senate and the Senate took action. Tabled or Ignored and this could have been worked months ago...solved well.....I am not sure. But you have to have open dialogue! This was not open. from Miamisburg, OH by Rick

Comment: mostly king obama but also his minions in the senate LISTEN UP WE DONT WANT OBAMACARE !!! if you like socialism please leave america this isnt the place for you from miamisburg by MM

Comment: uncompromising. from Huber Heights, OH by Ron

Comment: He is a power hungry socialist from Dayton, Ohio by Shell

Comment: We have to live within our means. The government has a responsibility to be good stewards with public funds,not recklessly spend our dollars on useless and unwanted programs. from Springfield, Ohio by Tammie

Comment: Obama is not running for President, so he is just showing he doesn't give a care what happens. from Fort Recovery OH by Irene

Comment: If 70% of the country wants Obamacare to be repealed, why aren't the elected officials in Congress listening. We don't want Obamacare. If you want it, move to the UK! from Dayton by Brian

Comment: Obama needs to give a little. I hate this stupid ACA and everything it brings with it. from Huber Heights OHIO by Jasmine

Comment: Obama all the way its his job to work with congress and he refues to do so .same goes for the senate .go to work or we should b able to fire them in this case enuff with it from brookville by kevin

Comment: Taking a position of not negotiating is unrealistic and arrogant. from Kettering, OH by Jim

Comment: The GOP House has passed 26 bills funding government.The Dem Senate has defeated them. Obama said he'd veto all budgets that do not include an additional TRILLION $ debt. So abuse of veterans and kids go on. This is what tyranny looks like. from Dayton by Finn

Comment: Raising the debt ceiling????? If a family has $10,000 in debt and asked for more money without a plan to pay it back would it be approved? Our children and grandchildren should not inherit our debt. Personal responsibility !! The President needs to listen to his past speeches!!! from Beavercreek Ohio by Lynn

Comment: If a company fails, who is to blame. Usually leadership, lkke the ceo. I feel Obama and senate maj leader who are determined to have their way no mater what their customefs say from Dayton ohio by Greg

Comment: thought it was not PC to bully from Huber Heights, Ohio by Don

Comment: It is a game to them! from Dayton, Ohio by Joe

Comment: They think this is a game! from Dayton, Ohio by Joe

Comment: Both sides need to give and take, but there is no communication from thw WH. We have no leadership from the top only as peach maker from Dayton, Ohio by Bob

Comment: Obama wants to negotiate after he gets everything he wants? He's acting like a dictator. from Dayton, OH by MnM

Comment: The house of Representatives has repeatedly passed bills that will fund the Government, but the Senate keeps rejecting them, and the president threatens to veto them if they pass. from New Carlisle/Ohio by eric

Comment: This falls solely on Obama and the Senate Democrats for refusing any less than 100% of their agenda. Most people do not want obamacare. Obama and reid throwing a tantrum like little school yard cry babies is disgusting. from Fairborn, OH. by Dave

Comment: When you REFUSE to negotiate, The blame lies with you! from Lancaster, Ohio by susan

Comment: They are unwilling to negotiate. Won't pass anything piece meal. Seems to me they should pass things they can agree on and fight only on things they can't. Needless to say, the law has been changed by the president since its passing and that is illegal. from Lebanon, OH by Roberta

Comment: This president is out of control! from Vandalia/Ohio by Ron

Comment: the good ol' boy Republicans (ie - Sen McCain) are running a close 2nd... from New Carlisle, OHczgsbw9 by Darlene

Comment: The money is there, just make obamacare wait another year to iron everything out. from Campton/Ky by Lewiis

Comment: he is not do the job replace hem we need help from springfield by jro

Comment: Thank you to those who see that Obama's plan will be to our country's detriment, and are standing up against this American-hating tyrant! from Urbana Ohio by Kelly Johnson

Comment: They are not listening to the people. Stop spending money we don't have! Families live within a budget so should the government! from Dayton, OH by Robyn

Comment: We have to control spending in our Home's they need to control spending in the Peoples House! from New Lebanon, OH by Ray

Comment: My vote says it all.. from piqua, ohio by carol

Comment: Obama is running this country into the ground. from Piqua by Chris

Comment: Spend, spend, spend all they want is more of the taxpayers money to spend on their pet projects to buy additional votes. They don't understand that you can't spend money we don't have! They are not willing to figure out what needs to be done to get this financial crap figured out. from St. Paris, OH by Leslie

Comment: The American People have no idea what is in the Affordable Care Act. They have taken the word of politicians that it is "good for them". The President has become a "dictator". Why should he and congress get paid when the rest of the government workers aren't. from Corydon/IN by Lynda

Comment: Our President has become a dictator. He believes he is the only one who knows what is good for the American people. The majority of American's have no idea what is in the Affordable Care Act. They have blindly accepted what politicians have told them. WAKE UP AMERICA! from Corydon,IN by Lynda

Comment: Boehner is ruining this country. John Kasich is ruining this state. People need to open their eyes before it's too late! from Dayton Ohio by Christopher

Comment: it seems that the GOP has done nothing but stop every bill that has come its way. If Obama was re-elected, that should tell them the will of the people is to allow the affordable health care act to continue. from Xenia, Ohio by Dustin

Comment: please stop the shutdown and reopen the gov. from west virginia by amber

Comment: Think they have to 'get' something for doing their job . from xenia by cortana

Comment: I hope the voters will remember this when they head to the polls. from Fairfield, Ohio by Brandon

Comment: Need to realize who they are hurting! from Miamisburg, Ohio by Missy

Comment: Specifically it's Boehner and the 30 Tea Party terrorists who are holding this country hostage. from Sidney/ Ohio by Dave

Comment: The Republicans are trying to get their way by extortion, and I wish there were a way to charge them with treason. from Sabina, Ohio by Kay

Comment: The republicans knew when they inserted the ACA language in the resolution it would be dead on arrival, just like their previous 43 attempts. from Trotwood by Bruce

Comment: The republican notion of compromise has been give us the spending cuts we want and agree to defund a program that will get the bill vetoed so we push the blame for our poor health care system onto someone else. from Huber Heights OH by Brad

Comment: They don`t like Obama period.Someone please tell them they lost the last election. from pershing,in by carl

Comment: worse speaker of the house I can ever remember. from bellefontaine,ohio by mike

Comment: worse speaker of the house I can ever remember. from bellefontaine,ohio by mike

Comment: bull crab from Ohio by jessie

Comment: Need to make spending plan. Why are you being so stubborn from Huber heights ohio by Samantha

Comment: Boehner and Cruz will not cooperate with Dems or Reps. They are the ones holding our country hostage. from Milan IN by Linda Walker

Comment: Dump the tea party and the worthless people of NO in congress. from Chickamauga, GA by Bill

Comment: If Boehner would let them vote I feel the shutdown would be over. from Quincy, OH by Cyndi

Comment: spoiled brats from englewood ohio by dennis

Comment: this is ridiculous, I believe all of the Senate, House, Congress and President should not be paid or have benefits until they resolve this! from Piqua/ Ohio by Terri

Comment: Republicans are using the shutdown to punish Obama for winning the election and for healthcare from McMinnville, OR by Carol

Comment: He is doing this on purpose to make his Tea Party friends happy. from Trotwood/Ohio by Ralph

Comment: Democrats are not much better from Kettering by Tony

Comment: He needs to stop throwing the economy under the bus cause he has a problem with Obama. from West Alexandria Ohio by Vicki

Comment: The republicans, mostly the tea party. I'm not a democrat and I didn't vote for Obama. from Dayton, Ohio by J.R.

Comment: Boehner is a coward. The only reason he doesn't try to put an end to the shutdown is that there is NO money in it for him. He is an embarrasment to Ohio. from Middletown by Julia

Comment: It is sad to see that they are still in office after all the tantrums that they have had because Obama is in office. Maybe there should be limits on these "career" politicians. Send them their pink slips. from Springfield, OH by Rachel

Comment: Fire them! from Miamisburg ohio by Nicholas

Comment: Tea Party needs to go! from Huber Heights, Ohio by Larry Chandler

Comment: Fire them! Affordable heath care should remain. Right now we have emergency healthcare--high cost-can't afford to use it. Idiots from Miamisburg ohio by Nicholas

Comment: [none] from Dayton Ohio by Jo Ann

Comment: Sad tactic to hold the American people hostage for political rhetoric. I can not wait until Boehner's next election. from Dayton/Ohio by Crystal

Comment: the Tea Party Republican all they want to do is play politics with all of our American lives.can we have them thrown out if the shutdown continues from Dayton Ohio by Carolyn Mobley

Comment: boehner for sure!!!!!! from dayton, ohio

Comment: Its clear who is to blame.. from New Carlisle, Ohio by Amy

Comment: Republican's want compromise. Compromise what? A law that was voted in by many of their own party? A law that was upheld by SCOTUS? A law that has been for 3 yrs. now if they didn't like it then why not spend the last 3 yrs. trying to fix it? No instead they wanted to waste taxpayers money and time trying to repeal it 40 times. They couldn't get it repealed so now they are going to act like spoiled children, throw a temper tantrum and shutdown the government till they get their way. from Dayton, Ohio by Sherrie

Comment: By not even bringing up a Clean CR for a vote he is denying the Constitutional Process. What does he have to fear if he thinks he is right? Do it for America. from Dayton, OH by John

Comment: They have been throat cutters as far back as I remember!!! from Fort Wayne IN by NORMA

Comment: there are already 218 votes in the house to end this but Boehner said Sunday he won't allow a vote till he gets to meet with the Presidents from kettering,ohio by Barb

Comment: there are already 218 votes in the house to end this but Boehner said Sunday he won't allow a vote till he gets to meet with the Presidents. by the way obama care was funded two years ago when it was made a law, so quit talking about Obama care from kettering,ohio by Barb

Comment: The TEA PARTY, and the republicans, its ridiculous that they don't resolve this, they should have their salaries taken away, and stopped until this gets resolved, they take way more vacations than they should, and they should get no special treatment as far as health benefits, they should have to have the same benefits program as everyone else is required to have, plus in my opinion, they should all be fired except for the President and Vice President. We need some other system to resolve the serious problems in the US, so they get resolved immediately not weeks and months later, that is hurting the American Citizens, and they are supposed to be working for the citizens, and not to increase their wallets, and illegally take advantage of the information, they get, when no one else in the country has the same information, they should be imprisoned for using this info to enhance their pocket books at the expense of everyone else. from Tipp City by Michael

Comment: You can't blame both parties when it is one small faction (the tea party republicans) that refuse to negotiate. This has been caused because of a split in the republican party not because of any Repubican/Democratic party issue. from Charlottesville VA by Dan

Comment: Before president Obama funding was cut in Stem Cell research. Private business was looking outside of this country for Scientist,not in our Universities and Colleges.Preventative care, DNA and computer technology have made an impact on our medical care. It is a time to be overjoyed. Every thing that grows must change. from MD by Joanna

Comment: We are not sophisticated enough in medical advancements such as stem cell to understand how much the medical profession will change. What about the impact of DNA ? Pre existing and preventative care will also change Medical insurance . We will need to make changes along the way because it is all so new. Everything that grows must change. Its hope for the children. Put government back to work so they can finish the job. from MD by Joanna

Comment: Speaker Boehner needs a stem cell injection and a DNA test to test for preexisting stupidity. Will Obama care pay for that? from Maryland by Joanna

Comment: The government is shut for only one reason: Boehner wants to keep his job and the teaparty faction of the gop are threatening his speaker position. from Lytle, OH by MikeL

Comment: They was always against Pre. Obama from day one. from Baltimore, Md. by Shirley

Comment: It's such a cruel power play designed to hurt the American people win lose or draw. It really has nothing to do with helping the people, country or budget. from Erlanger, KY 41018 by Barbara Benson

Comment: it is a law that was passed, and now they want go against that. from hilliard by rob

Comment: Healthcare is already the law. You keep the government running and work to change the law. from Attleboro, MA by Norman

Comment: The house republicans won't give up on fighting the same, resolved battle over ACA again and again. They fought; the lost; they won't give up. from Dayton, Ohio by todd

Comment: John "The Weeping Cheeto" Boehner should be prosecuted for treason. from Huntsville, Ohio by Ed

Comment: They're so angry that the people voted Pres. Obama back in office, they are holding ALL of us hostage. It's PERSONAL and they are taking it out on us (the American People). from Piqua, OH by Lyn

Comment: Republicans got to go!!! from dayton ohio by charlene

Comment: Look at who's celebrating the shutdown and you find your culprits. from Fairborn Ohio by Teri

Comment: John Boehner and his colleagues are trying to defund a law that already passed both houses of Congress. This is preposterous and juvenile. from Columbus, Ohio by Justin

Comment: When one party says there is nothing they will discuss and the other wants to throw out, not fine-tune a massive piece of legislation and our President isn't leading to agree that discussion is needed then shame on them all. from New Carlisle, OH by Donna

Comment: so tired of them not giving up their own pays and thinking it is so easy for all of us to pay our bills when we make no where near their pay. I would like to see them have to go without their paychecks for awhile - I bet that would greatly help our economy. from Vandalia, OH


Comment: wow from jamestown,ohio by tonya weatherford

Comment: This is ridiculous mostly over healthcare.The illegal aliens do not deserve freebies anymore and the true poor souls have made it for years. Why force feed the working people more taxes to cover others. from Maple Shade, NJ by Carol

Comment: Enough is enough. It isn't left or right, it's all of them. Time to clean house. from Salem, VA by Eddie

Comment: No one is blameless from Dayton, Ohio by Mary

Comment: Obamacare wouldn't be fiscally detrimental if we weren't already maximized on the debt created by both parties. For ths last 40 years, financing wars and cold wars has been out #1 priority. Now it's too late for health care. from New Lebanon by Dan

Comment: Time for a clean sweep if officials can't do what's good for the country instead of playing politics from Waynesville/OH by Carol

Comment: Stop their pay until they do the job they were elected to do! ALL OF THEM, INCLUDING PRESIDENT! from Piqua, Ohio by Karen

Comment: It's not just one parties fault. It's both parties because they can't agree on anything. from Fairborn/ohio by Stephanie

Comment: They're all to blame. This Party line stuff needs to go. I can see both sides and they're Rich People and don't care about us little people that are getting hurt by all this stuff. They're all still getting paid and will get all the benefits all FREE for life. No wonder why they're not worried. We need to go back to where the government is "For the People, By the People" and not "Oh I don't want to ruffle the feathers of my party. from Kettering, OH by Steve

Comment: It's a government problem.

Comment: They are being ridiculous this should have never happened and all of them should lose their pay for the days down and not get it back! Maybe we should kick them all out and start over. from Xenia, Oh by Trina

Comment: At this point it's not a matter of blame. It is a matter of seeing how much control the Federal government has. They've shown us this week with their games....closing private businesses on public land, kicking people out of their privately owned homes on public land, blocking roadsides. They have shown us they are in control and they can take it all away if they choose. from West Milton, OH by Tracie

Comment: Both Parties they need to sit down and Talk. Quit this Spolied Brats Thing. from Bellefontaine Ohio by Lynda

Comment: both parties just get off your duffs and do what it takes to make this right if we don't get paid all of you shouldn't either and that's how i feel about this from dayton ohio by elizabeth

Comment: They (both parties) are acting like preschoolers. They are unwilling to work together for the greater good of this nation. from Ohio by Patricia

Comment: This whole fiasco shows the folks in charge will do anything for a vote. Next thing will be emergency powers...that will be the end of the Republic...if we ever really had one!!! from Valdosta, Georgia by Jimmy

Comment: Everyone there should come back and live in the real world for awhile. from Dayton / OH by Peter

Comment: Everyone there should go back home and see what the real world is like. from Dayton / OH by Peter

Comment: both parties are acting like children their is no happy medium it's either one side gets they're way or the other, so when it come voting time I will vote to get the ones that have that position out of office and I do not think any of them deserve their jobs and I will do my best to make sure they don't get them. from Covington, Ohio by Russell S.


Comment: the republicans just cant get it together, i dont particular care for the democrats either, congress doesnt seem to care about the american public just want to get the upper hand on each other at all americans expense, i hope the voters remember this time and vote out of office the non caring politicans from dayton ohio by carole

Comment: They all need to grow up in Washington DC. This is no way to run a country!!!!! This is just embarrassing like kids, pointing fingers. from Willoughby, ohio by Cathy

Comment: They all need to grow up in Washington DC. This is no way to run a country!!!!! This is just embarrassing like kids, pointing fingers. from Willoughby, ohio by Cathy

Comment: NO ONE in the government seems to understand or care about the fact that they are PUBLIC SERVANTS and should be WORKING for the best interest of the people they supposedly represent. from Dayton, OH by Anna

Comment: The blame has been passed around long enough. Do your job and pass a budget. The more they fight each other, the easier it is for me to vote down the middle to some Independent willing to pull Congress back together. from Springboro, Ohio by Harry

Comment: Both parties need to work TOGETHER. from Tipp City, OH by Ruth

Comment: They are all to blame. Little babies all wanting their own way, and would rather play "chicken" to see how long each side will hold out. President Obama has been elected twice, so someone wants Obama care!! And the ones who are against it should listen to what the people want and need! I think there is always some room for ALL to compromise. If members of the house and or senate really needed their pay, like most of the Military needs theirs, They would not be waiting to take theirs (some) But the military does not have a choice. When are they going to be treated like all the rest of us, are treated? from Arcanum, Ohio by Anita

Comment: The debt ceiling is already too high. However, some cuts suggested by Republicans are not reasonable. Try cutting all the salaries and special health care/retirement of all senators & congressmen. That should fix a lot. from Dayton, OH by Dawn

Comment: They should all have to stay at their job until this is settled, and they should not receive their pay. from Greenville,Ohio by Brenda

Comment: They need to give the country a hand up & make the pay at a level that people are not dependant on welfare. That would help reduce the debt. Also cap the Rent prices & oil prices in places like Long Island, NY. A one bedroom can run you $1,200 or more a month.....Not Good!! Start helping the people instead of letting us eat cake!!! from Mastic Beach, NY by Kat

Comment: With the government shutdown they should all lose pay. Maybe if they had to live on the impoverished incomes they expect us to live on then they would WAKE UP!!! Stop the pay of those causing the problem!! THIS IS AMERICA!!! We AMERICANS need to get together & bring back the 60's protests....They stood up for the causes that they believe in. I think we need to stand up for our cause, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!! It is not our fault that they can't agree. We need to follow our Constitutional rights!! We need to stop this non sense!! from Mastic Beach, NY by Kat

Comment: Even Obama. Somebody has to give somewhere. The world is going down fast. Congress should not get paid, not even the president. Let them do without for a change. from Sidney. OH by Sherry

Comment: They're all acting like a bunch of spoiled brat kids with no regards for the consequences for anyone but themselves. from Dayton/Ohio by Paul

Comment: If they really wanted to save money they would pay for their own stuff and not have a exspence account. The brow money to get the jobs, They use and waste money. No one give us money or cars to get to our jobs. No one buys our lunch. Buts use up in room when we have to be away from home. I think it is sad that the dream of owning a home passing land on to you family is no longer there. We work and raise our children and do all we can to make in meet. Then we get old or hurt and there is nothing for us but to loose everything we worked for before we can get help. I feel we need to help our own before we sent help other places. I think that we have lost and gave so much. I feel we need to cut some of the leaders money and spending. We need to spend more on our old and young people. They all have a lot to offer this land. Stop all the fussing and give us our AMERICA that our great great ......parent fought for. We need to be strong and smart. It is like everyone wants to hurt the other. God & Country is important. We won't pray in school. But we can say pray for our country. Just something not right about that. We need to pray and do good for our country. One person opinion. But I support what is important in this USA. from New Carlisle/Ohio by Debbie

Comment: I think they all need to grow up and stop acting like kids. Work it out like real adults would do. Grow up already! from Xenia, Ohio by Jon

Comment: Obviously working separately and sending information from one house to the other is not working. They need to sit together and actually compromise. from St. Paris/OH by Amy

Comment: it takes two to "Tango". Stop acting like second graders sit down like the adults we thought you were when we elected you and "Fix It" maybe the second graders could teach you something. from Dayton / Ohio by Nick

Comment: Who lives in this world thinking they have all the answers, that one group is better, smarter then the other, we get no where if we don't compromise, changes always have to be made to any plan. Get over yourselves your not that great. Your Ignorance is not bliss, we all suffer because of your childish behavior. Lord God help us all from Dayton Ohio by Marie

Comment: It takes 2 to tango! from Placida, Florida by caroline

Comment: Why should the American people paid for them to sit and argue? But I guess we do this every day. So I guess it not any different than any other day. from Sidney/Ohio by Vicki

Comment: They need to compromise for the sake of the US or we are doomed. It is not right that the seniors of the world need to worry if they will have money from SS or not after working all their lives and putting into this fund - the government needs to do something and do it now - let the Government officials do without their limos, and raises and vacations and retirements and stop useless spending and maybe the US can start to get back on its feet. from Cincinnati, OH by Carolyn

Comment: would blame both, all knew this was coming and what do they do recess for 6 weeks, the money we pay them, they should do a better job, only out for themselves not Americans that put them there. All time turn around on shut down great money for no work, get rid of all, get you blood in Washington from Enon Ohio by Jimmie Owens

Comment: They think they are helping us but they are not.They need to put American back to work and not send are jobs over seas. from Dayton,Ohio by Ava

Comment: both parties are responsible because BOTH parties should be working TOGETHER for the American people, NOT the the best deal for THIER party!~ from greenville by chuck

Comment: I'm against Obamacare, as are at least 50% of the public. However, it takes give and take on BOTH sides of the table to resolve the issue. GET TO WORK! from Dayton, OH by Gloria

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    If you have information about a crime that has occurred, call Miami Valley Crime Stoppers at 937-222-7867 (STOP) 800-637-5735, 24 hours a day. Callers can remain anonymous.
  • Dayton Ohio News, Weather, Traffic :: News - Chefs Corner

    Chefs Corner

    We often invite local chefs into our studio kitchen to demonstrate their cooking techniques and recipes.  Watch those video segments on this page.
  • Dayton Ohio News, Weather, Traffic :: News - Pay It Forward

    Pay It Forward

    Elk & Elk, FOX45, and ABC22 recognize the good deeds of people and organizations who make the Miami Valley a better place.

  • Dayton Ohio News, Weather, Traffic :: News - Health Care Reform

    Health Care Reform

    The Supreme Court ruling to uphold the Affordable Care Act sparked a new battle. Check here daily for the latest developments, locally and across the country.

  • Dayton Ohio News, Weather, Traffic :: News - Town Hall

    Town Hall

    Join in as our expert panel discusses jobs in Ohio
  • Dayton Ohio News, Weather, Traffic :: News - No Text Zone

    No Text Zone

    Texting While Driving Kills Thousands of People Each Year. Many More are Seriously Injured. You Can Help Make Our Roads a NO TEXT ZONE.
  • Dayton Ohio News, Weather, Traffic :: News - Washington Times

    Washington Times

    Politics, Breaking News, US and World News.
  • Dayton Ohio News, Weather, Traffic :: News - On Time Traffic

    On Time Traffic

    Get the latest traffic information and updates here!
  • Dayton Ohio News, Weather, Traffic :: News - School Closings

    School Closings

    Get the list of all closings and delays for schools and businesses within the area, and sign up for text alerts!
  • Dayton Ohio News, Weather, Traffic :: News - Save Local TV

    Save Local TV

    Find out how you can save local TV right here!

  • Dayton Ohio News, Weather, Traffic :: News - Raw News

    Raw News

    Watch raw, unedited and uncensored news stories right here!
  • Dayton Ohio News, Weather, Traffic :: News - Pump Patrol

    Pump Patrol

    Find the lowest gas prices, check out local and national price trends, report low prices and get fuel saving tips!
  • Dayton Ohio News, Weather, Traffic :: News - Political Pulse

    Political Pulse

    Armstrong Williams is a pugnacious, provocative and principled voice for conservatives and Christian values in America's public debates.
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    News Links

    These links were chosen by the newsroom for their newsworthy content. These sites enhance the news stories that aired on the newscast on the dates cited.
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    On the Move

    Get the latest news and more on your mobile phone!
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    Good Morning

    It's Fun, it's fresh, the way mornings should be!
  • Dayton Ohio News, Weather, Traffic :: News - Top Stories

    Top Stories

    Get up to the minute information from across Ohio in our Top Stories section!

  • Dayton Ohio News, Weather, Traffic :: News - Your Voice. Your Future.

    Your Voice. Your Future.

    As the country faces challenges from federal budget issues to jobs and national debt, your voice is critical to the future.
  • Dayton Ohio News, Weather, Traffic :: News - Waste Watch

    Waste Watch

    How are your tax dollars being spent? Waste Watch tracks whether local, state and federal governments or any groups are using your money wisely...or wasting it.

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Business News

Protesters march in Chicago shopping district

CHICAGO (AP) -- A protest march has begun in Chicago's Magnificent Mile shopping district, with the Rev. Jesse Jackson in the middle of a crowd that's shouting, "What do we want? Justice. When do we want it? Now!"

Entertainment News


NEW YORK (AP) -- Snoopy, SpongeBob -- and security.

Get This


BOSTON (AP) -- It's time to put the oom-pah into the holidays -- with the Boston Tuba Christmas.

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LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello aren't the first celebrities to share a personal moment with fans online.

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