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Question of the Day

Should you be allowed to recall members of Congress for allowing the Federal Government to shutdown?


Comment: did they have a shut down from balto md by ann

Comment: yes we should it shouldn't have happened!!!! from richmond, indiana by timothy

Comment: Yes. They have failed in the most major task set before them. from West Alex OH by Melissa

Comment: I feel yes we should be able to recall congress. It is a shame no one will oppose Boehner. We are in dire need in his home state and he doesn't have a clue, or just doesn't care! from Springfield/Ohio by Julie

Comment: I feel yes we should be able to recall congress. It is a shame no one will oppose Boehner. We are in dire need in his home state and he doesn't have a clue, or just doesn't care! from Springfield/Ohio by Julie

Comment: Most definitely, from hamiton, Oh by shawn

Comment: yes

Comment: Absolutely, the sense of urgency would have been very present to get this done if we were all in. This is very frustrating! from Dayton, Ohio by Lamont

Comment: Absolutely, the sense of urgency would have been very present to get this done if we were all in. This is very frustrating! from Dayton, Ohio by Lamont

Comment: Democrats are invested in Social programs. Socialism is great until you run out of other people's money... Santa Claus from Eaton by Mark

Comment: Heck yes! Those Congressmen responsible for the Governemnt shutdown are traitors to America, and should be treated as such! from Beavercreek, Ohio by Gary

Comment: Yes. If anything none of them should get a paycheck until they can figure out this mess. I say at minimum of 2 months without pay sounds good. Imagine the money that would be saved. from Middletown, OH by Kendra

Comment: Get rid of them all. They're rich a and have pay and benefits for life when us common people are struggling. Let's get all the branches cleared out and get people in there that will listen to what the people want and need. from Dayton. OH by Steve

Comment: Yes I think we should be able to. Until they Congress make our problems their problems it will not get fixed. Why are they exempt from Obama Care if it is so good? from Dayton/ Ohio by Nick

Comment: Congress is not doing their job therefore they should lose their jobs. from Urbana, OH by Linda

Comment: As our elected officials they should be working to end this mess, they have known this dead line was coming up yet didn't do anything to prevent this. Maybe if they didn't get paid maybe they would think about the people that put them in the office. from Eaton, OH by Tonnie

Comment: its about time people in the house have stood up for freedom..spending other peoples money is all fun till it runs out and destroys the whole country.socialism/communism is not the answer thats what america is supposed to be against from miamisburg by MM

Comment: Yes!!!I should be able to recall any public servant, MIKE TURNER who is not doing their job. at least they should relinquish their paycheck! from Dayton, OH by Sharon

Comment: Absolutly!! if we pay their salaries then we should be able to recall them from fairborn/ohio by whick

Comment: Absolutely from Springboro, OH by Kelli

Comment: Yes, and they should not get paid for failing to do their job. They have had years to compromise, but are to busy trying to be the one that's right. Congress also needs term limits so they actually feel the need to accomplish something. from Union, oh by Hillary

Comment: ABSOLUTELY!!--Much like the day after sequestration budget cuts kicked in, most people will wake up today to find that the country and their lives aren’t much different. All the fearful fretting over shutting down the government—which is reaching Y2K proportions in the media—is really a distraction. Government funding isn’t the issue. It’s Obamacare. The House has passed multiple bills that would fully fund government but would defund or delay Obamacare. The Senate has rejected these plans, and Obamacare’s health insurance exchanges are supposed to open today. Never mind the fact that Congress and the Administration have already delayed major provisions of Obamacare and given special considerations to labor unions and Congress. We believe the American people deserve an exemption from Obamacare. The President and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) continue to go against the will of the public to protect an unworkable law that has raised individuals’ health care premiums, cut workers’ hours, made it more difficult to find a job, and has forced many Americans off their existing health coverage. The real story isn’t the government shutdown, but rather the insistence by President Obama and Reid to foist Obamacare on the American people. Congress is now haggling over delays to more parts of Obamacare, but the only way to protect Americans from this law’s sickening effects is to defund it. While this debate plays out on Capitol Hill, essential government services will continue. Airports are still functioning, Social Security checks are still going out, and the military is still protecting us. To President Obama and his allies, the government takeover of health care is an “essential” function that should move forward, despite deep disagreements about its effect on the nation. This debate isn’t over, nor should it be until the American people are protected from having their health care in the hands of government. A government shutdown isn’t the end of the world, but an Obamacare shutdown would be a great beginning for real health care reform. from Dayton, OH by Jim

Comment: Abslutely. The entire Federal Govt. should be taken to task for this particular mess. The House passed the budget. The Senate just doesn't want the Pres' provision excluding all of them from the Law removed... They must really hate this Law if they are willing to shut down the govt. in order to not have it imposed on themselves... from Miamisburg by Jeff

Comment: Yes, our opportunity to recall will be in the next election! from Dayton, OH by Lori

Comment: Congress???? There is only 1 side of it NOT working properly. I say we take the house and if people are loosing paychecks because of this shutdown, then the whole entire GOVERNMENT should not be receiving payment. Since they were the ones to yes "Plan" for this shutdown, they should be the ones to pay for it. from Richmond, IN by Shawna

Comment: For this situation NO, congress is should not carry the total burden of blame here, the constitution clearly states that congress SHALL NOT enact or force any law upon the people and be excempt from it themseives, blame #1. Obama 2. Pelosi, she was speaker when obamacare was passed thru house. 3. Reid senate leader. 4. u.s. supreme court for ignoring constitution. 5. Justice dept. for ignoring direct law violation now. the latest poll i have seen is 7 out of 10 americans have said no to obamacare all listed above ignores the constitution and the law, this is not about who won the election this is about money that will not be available to spend, overall our federal workers are good people, unfortunately there is several bad apples in the bunch, walk in the federal courthose in Dayton and observe, it will not take long to see what i am trying to explain, just maybe our federal workers can become thankful for that job and the bad apples will start treating their fellow countrymen with respect more, sorry fellow countrymen congress is not at majority fault on this one. from Troy, Ohio by Les

Comment: Recall those who don't!!!!!!!!!! from Orlando, Fl. by Bob

Comment: Dude yes. I just cannot believe they decided to withhold checks to soldiers but they themselves who introduces this atrocity can benefit. Wow. from Dayton/Ohio by Sam

Comment: Should be allowed to recall members of congress who voted for the monstrosity known as ObamaCareless. from Centreville VA by Steve

Comment: No, Congress is just doing it's job. Our government is designed with checks and balances. The Senate needs to compromise. from Pasadena, Md. by Roberta

Comment: Yes Obamacare has nothing to do with funding Government and beside it the Law and was upheld by the Supreme court from Centerville Ohio by James

Comment: The congress should all be recalled. I think we ought to throw the whole bunch out and start over - this time with term limits from Dayton, Oh by Dave

Comment: Yes Obamacare has nothing to do with funding Government and beside it the Law and was upheld by the Supreme court from Centerville Ohio by James

Comment: Yes !!! Obamacare has nothing to do with funding Government and beside it the Law and was upheld by the Supreme court from Centerville Ohio by James

Comment: Yes.they are getting paid thousands of dollars to do a job and they are they should be fired and replaced like we would if we didn't do our the American people should vote them all out of office come next election from dayton ohio by gary

Comment: They all should be recalled and not bepaid and no benefits either from fairborn oh by janet

Comment: Obama and Reid have caused the shutdown. Democrats refused to go on the Obamacare exchanges and give up their tax-payer subsidies. Recall them. from Dayton OH by Finn

Comment: The members of congress are supposed to work for the people and they are obviously not doing their jobs. It needs to be out with the old in with the new. from Huber Heights, Ohio by Megan

Comment: there should be a ejection button,work 5 months a year. go in middel class, come out millionairs. rackateers.nothing been done on imagration,gun control inferstructure. ahh house speaker john b. spent 480.000 dollars on a trip to alaska with his pastors family & his 11 people total & we paid for it. and he cries about spending.he also did not want to take stimulus for his district, which included food stamps unemploment extensions, police & fire ect to help hard hit communitys, he could care less about the damage republicans have done to working class, its obvius to me. mike turner is the same voted no on every food stamp unemployment extension he's nothing but a corprate lobbist for the areo space industries, check there records. thank u my fav news station. sorry for spelling, from daytonohio by joe

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