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Question of the Day

Do you think the city of Dayton should use aerial surveillance or is it an invasion of privacy?


Comment: Yes Dayton needs to do something about crime. It damages our community and costs us plenty. We have tried everything else and crime is still rampant. Kills people and house values and jobs. Time to do something about it. I support our law enforcement officers who are trying. This is another tool to help our community. from Dayton Ohio by Jack

Comment: If you have nothing to hide, this safety system should not bother you. I think it is a great idea for Dayton and surrounding areas. It would make criminals think twice before they acted. from Dayton, Ohio by Torie

Comment: Need to do something. Crime is killing our community from Dayton Ohio by George

Comment: How many people have to be robbed shot killed or mugged before we do something about crime. from Dayton OH by Jo

Comment: defintely from Dayton by Larry

Comment: Do not let an small group of vocal people keep Dayton from doing what is necessary. from Dayton by George

Comment: Airborne surveillance is widely used by leading police forces because it works and help solve and deter crime. from Dayton by Fred

Comment: We are surveilled all the time by hundreds of cameras. Get over it. Hopefully it works. from Oakwood by Hank

Comment: Law abiding citizens should have no issue with this any more than bank or 7-Eleven security cameras. If it helps the police catch bad guys, I'm all for it. from Troy, OH by Larry

Comment: This is a tool that we need to solve our crime problem. from Oakwood by Aaron

Comment: How many murders do we need to have before we do something about crime. Get on with it.

Comment: Dont mind it if it works

Comment: yes

Comment: As long as they re not following people not involved in crime, go for it. Crime is out of control. by Rachel

Comment: Don't let a small group of people stop this. It is too important for the community

Comment: Maybe if we clean up the crime the jobs will come back from Dayton Ohio by Doug

Comment: Dayton needs to do something. It is out of control. from Fairborne by The o'man

Comment: Why not? If you're not breaking the law then no worries. Just hope it's limited to investigation of real crimes, not parking violations or u-turns. from Dayton, OH by Gary S.

Comment: What we the people at the meeting on. We are on cameras all the time. Maybe this can help fix our crime problem. from Oakwood by Meg

Comment: Do it if it keeps us safe from Dayton, OH by Julie

Comment: If it works it would be great to be able to walk around the city and not be afraid of getting robbed.

Comment: Tell the people from the ACLU that do not live in Dayton to come stay on the north west side and see if their opinion changes. We could really use this. from Trotwood by JKL

Comment: I'm with the Chief all the way! from Dayton, OH by Ramone

Comment: As a business owner it would be good to lower crime and put some of the criminals away. How many businesses have to be robbed - repeatedly before we do something. from Dayton by Rod

Comment: We gave up privacy long time ago. Some security would be nice. from Dayton by Henry

Comment: Do you feel safe riding a bike around Dayton. Do you feel safe leaving your bike outside a store while you get lunch. If you said no then we need to do something about crime in Dayton. from Dayton by Bike rider

Comment: Are they hiring? Here do I apply

Comment: Crime is out of control in some areas of Dayton. People in areas of high crime are looking for something.The money is not important. Getting results is.

Comment: This needs to be used for gun violence. Police is willing to try things and is leaning forward trying to get things better for us. Let them try. from Dayton by Robert

Comment: Sick of my house value doing down because of criminals in the area.

Comment: bout time. We do to do something.

Comment: DAYTON -- A Dayton teenager finds a man staring through her window Monday night. Khaldousous Smith, 14, says she's too scared to walk into her room alone now. Dayton Police responded to the home on Clement Avenue around 9 p.m. on Monday. Smith says she was changing inside her closet when she heard a noise against the window. from Dayton by Nuff Said

Comment: Peoples fears are way overblown. Airborne surveillance has been used since the 70s. The black helicopters are not coming to get you.

Comment: Let them use it and see if it works.

Comment: ABC 22 Dayton shared a link. 9 hours ago 911 call reveals 81 year old Edith King's throat was cut. Anyone with information about this horrific homicide is urged to call West Carrollton Police (937)859-3688

Comment: Get on with it. You have been talking for months while people are being killed. from Dayton / OH by Chad

Comment: Not an envasion privacy.

Comment: I first I thought this was stupid and a waste of money but after thinking about it if it helps lower crime it would help. Let them test it and see if it works.

Comment: Arson to Blame for Vacant House Fire, Residents Want Answers DAYTON -- "I walked out and the house was on fire, flames everywhere, then it just collapsed," said a resident of the Twin Towers neighborhood in East Dayton, watching the nearby vacant home go up in flames. Arson is becoming a growing problem in the city of Dayton. Vacant homes going up in flames are putting the community at risk. The latest arson investigation is at a home on Hawker Street. A neighbor captured dramatic video of the fire on his cell phone. The fire destroyed two vacant homes on Hawker. "Behind me are the remnants of Dayton's latest arson investigation. Dayton officials are trying to turn these vacant properties into beautiful soon-to-be-gardens like these" "My biggest fear is someone will set a fire and not knowing that someone is inside the structure and as a result you have a fire fatality," said Herbert Redden, Dayton Director of Fire Services. Luckily in this case no one was injured, but Redden says that outcome isn't always the case. He's working closely with Dayton Police to find the arsonists still on the loose. "We've had in the last two weeks two occasions where we arrested two kids in each incident for setting the fires so it's not just an adult situation," said Redden. Crews performed an emergency demolition on this home, not only to remove the eyesore, but to provide safety for firefighters and emergency responders coming back to the area. People who live here want something more to be done. by Nuff Said

Comment: If it helps fix our neighborhood then yes lets use it. from Dayton Ohio by Gail

Comment: House been robbed 3 times. Yes use it. from Dayton by Cleve

Comment: Who would ever want to live in an area that has decent security, jobs and rising home prices. from Dayton by Roger

Comment: Pros: Dayton Police will have the ability to catch violent crime offenders? Dayton Police will be more accountable to the community to reduce crime? Cons: '' from Dayton/ Ohio by Ed

Comment: I've got nothing to hide. from Dayton/ Ohio by Samantha

Comment: More of the same don't bring change. from Fairborn by Dave

Comment: If Big Brother is watching the guys steal my stuff from my house and I get it back that is great. I have nothing to hide. from Dayton by Aaron

Comment: Harry, Don't think crime puts people off more than effective policing. Effective security and lower crime would help attract people abd businesses to Dayton as opposed to Beavercreek, Oakwood and the like. How much has your home increased in value in the last 10 years. How's Dayton's job and housing market? from Dayton by GB

Comment: These are not drones.

Comment: It is not a violation of your rights. Its is here to help put the police in the right place to fight crime and keep the public safe from Dayton Ohio by Tim

Comment: This has nothing to do with drones, read what the system is before you comment. Its here to help get crime under control..not violate rights from Beavercreek by Billy

Comment: If this system can help make our streets safer by deterring crime why wouldn't we choose it? It's not a 24 hour a day solution; the Chief of Police says it will only be used on documented crime areas and times until violent crimes are reduced. Isn't that what we want our police and our city to do - make our communities safer? I do, and I suspect the "silent" majority do too! by HelpOurKidsGrowUp

Comment: If this system can help make our streets safer by deterring crime why wouldn't we choose it? It's not a 24 hour a day solution; the Chief of Police says it will only be used on documented crime areas and times until violent crimes are reduced. Isn't that what we want our police and our city to do - make our communities safer? I do, and I suspect the "silent" majority do too! by HelpOurKidsGrowUp

Comment: After cutting through the chatter, it seems the Dayton Police Chief has put a lot of thought into how to use this technology to deter crime, not discover it by random occurrence. I for one find it refreshing to see the police looking for ways to improve our communities and make our streets safer by prudently leveraging available technologies. Way to go Dayton! from Dayton, Ohio by Support Life!

Comment: Video surveillance helps make us safer; it does not reduce our civil liberties; it does make the wayward - hopefully - stop and think before committing a criminal act. Doesn't that help us all? Ir protects all of us and it keeps an otherwise criminal from committing a crime he/she may live to regret. from Dayton, Ohio by FightCrimeImproveLife

Comment: Ok - now instead of going off on something before understanding it, I've done my research on 4th amendment protections in regards to manned aerial surveillance. Here's my source: In this Congressional Research Report, it clearly states that aerial surveillance in a manned vehicle (not a DRONE)of residential and industrial areas - those open to public view - are legal. Here is a quote from the decision in the case "California v. Ciraolo": "The Court held that the defendant’s expectation of privacy in the area immediately surrounding his home was not reasonable, since “what a person knowingly exposes to the public ... is not a subject of Fourth Amendment protection.” “Any member of the public flying in this airspace who glanced down could have seen everything these officers observed,” the Court remarked. Much weight was placed on the fact that the plane was at all times in navigable airspace as defined by federal statute." Given this finding and the reasonableness of it, I think the Dayton Police have come up with an acceptable way to help fight and deter crime while protecting everyone's civil rights. Hats off to the Dayton Police, the City of Dayton, and the City leadership for looking for ways to reduce crime and to return us to the "It's Great in Dayton" days! from Dayton, Ohio by 4thAmendmentBeliever

Comment: let see - violent crimes in Dayton that can't be solved. Reduced cops on the street. Oh and there is a technology that can help reduce crimes while maximizing the police we have... why not try it? If it works, and crime is reduced, then maybe more people will want to be in Dayton again - maybe it'll spur a re-growth of the area! Let's try it - if it doesn't work, what have we really lost? by goforit

Comment: City leaders - please represent us all - not just the hyper-active, paranoid, schizophrenic, over-the-edge, socialism-to-the-extreme, lunatics. by Chadamus

Comment: I vote for safer streets! Let's give it a shot. by Theo

Comment: The police are on our side people! by James


Comment: I think this is a gateway proposal leading to eventual drones flying over our skys. It's just another way big brother wants to invade the privacy of private citizens and attempt to control various aspects of our lives. from Urbana, OH by Brett

Comment: Taking away our rights will not make us safer. This is just another tool to oppress and control people. I'm sickened that this is even a question. We have no democracy. from Dayton, Ohio by Jean Poole

Comment: Keep drones out of Dayton! This is a horrible invasion of our personal space. from Dayton, Ohio by Karen Korn

Comment: The proposal presented by the city of Dayton doesn't have nearly the necessary safeguards and procedures in place for preventing the misapplication or abuse of this technology. If history teaches us anything at all, it is power that is not explicitly curtailed will eventually be used. The city is also not being upfront about the full range of capabilities that is inherent in this technology. If people realized exactly how intrusive it can potentially be (and again, without the necessary safeguards, you can count on it being misused), they would never allow it. No other city has allowed for what the city is proposing. I know Dayton likes to pride itself on being "First in Flight," but this is NOT how we should be distinguishing ourselves in that category. from Dayton, Ohio by Andy V.

Comment: Absolutely NOT- no drones in Dayton. Drones kill people. Drones have killed many people. Drones have killed many innocent people. from Dayton, OH by Jason Madewell

Comment: A waste of money. We don't want to be the surveillance capital of the world! from dayton, oh by Ray

Comment: We want to be inviting, not off putting. This is not the way to bring people to the area, but it is a great way to drive them away. from dayton, oh by Harry

Comment: This should disgust every American person. from Dayron by Jackson

Comment: Beyond invasion of privacy, it is a poor use of money with no clear explanation of how it would be funded once the initial $120,000 runs out in 4 months. from Dayton by Jeff

Comment: That money should obviously be used for more water cannons! from dyt / oh by m

Comment: Absolutely not! from dayton, oh by Sharon

Comment: In the state of ohio cops do enter your home on probable cause without a search warrant. You don't even have the freedom of speech anymore. Call your husband/boyfriend out of their name and see how quick you go to jail for domestic violence. Or I have a better one just say that you are going to sell drugs and see how quick you get charged with a felony. I know how the law works. I know 2 cops one is a cousin and one is a very good friend. Probable cause in Ohio means to suspect that something is wrong and they can come onto your property. To many loopholes have been built into your constitutional rights. That's what is wrong with laws and legislations that are put in place more and more rights are being taken away from the people.Ohio is a police state... from dayton by Carie

Comment: What an invasion of my privacy. This is the absolute wrong thing to do with $120K!!! from Dayotn by Erin

Comment: AND a ridiculous waste of money. from Dayton, OH by Margaret

Comment: There is no amount or type of regulation that could keep the use of aerial surveillance from invading citizens' privacy or prevent the eventual sale of citizens' information for the purposes of corporate and government expansion. from Dayton, OH by Kimberly

Comment: I oppose the aerial surveillance plan currently proposed by Mayor Leitzell. It is too costly, as well as overstepping the boundaries of privacy. from Dayton, Ohio by Steve B

Comment: Unlawful!

Comment: yes it is.... from dayton ohio by gary

Comment: Its not just an invasion of privacy its an intrusion on Civil Liberty from Huber Heights Ohio by Johnny

Comment: What an incredible waste of money.. the city should not be doing this! from Dayton by Chad

Comment: It's a terrible idea! from Beavercreek, Ohio by Kevin

Comment: I think it would be considered unlawful search. from New Carlisle OH by Mary Sue

Comment: Not only is this a massive invasion of privacy, but it has a huge potential for abuse. 1) As outlined currently, anyone can obtain the images/video collected. 2) If these videos are obtained by others, it could be used by criminals to track police cars to establish patrol routes and times and use this information against the police. It could also be used to identify unmarked cars. 3) criminals could use the information to track police, fire, city workers, the media, or anyone else back to their homes (if within the view of the WAAS) which could possibly endanger those public figures and/or their families. 4) This is also a stalker's dream for stalking thier victims. 5) The information could also be used by companies in a number of negative and harassing ways. If you think that creditors are bullies and step over the line one the phone now, just wait until they get this opprtunity. The department would then be placed into catch 22 position, I.e., if they want to maintain trust and transparency with the community, this information must be subject to FOIA requests but in doing so, they risk putting many in harms way and even undermining their own efforts with a system that can already be defeated and rendered useless. from HH by Justin

Comment: I understand quite clearly what the technology can and cannot do. This is not the way to move Dayton forward. Crime is down!! from dayton, oh by Sheila

Comment: If people think this will only be used for 'fighting crime,' they are profoundly naïve. One, crime is already at lower levels than its been in years, and two, who defines what 'crime' is, and what 'safety, 'security,' or civic 'disturbance' is will be in the hands of the police. This will be a useful tool for the elites who own and control this country, once the s**t really starts to hit the fan and civil disturbances start to really flare up because of economic collapse. from Centerville by A

Comment: I live in a city where the police use helicopters to harass low-income neighborhoods. This would be worse--they had the technology 20 years ago to read a newspaper through a window from several hundred feet up. If police aren't willing to do their jobs without beating people up and ignoring pleas for help them fire them all and start over. Adding technology does nothing to solve the problem. from Columbus, OH by Dana

Comment: I live in a city where the police use helicopters to harass low-income neighborhoods. This would be worse--they had the technology 20 years ago to read a newspaper through a window from several hundred feet up. If police aren't willing to do their jobs without beating people up and ignoring pleas for help them fire them all and start over. Adding technology does nothing to solve the problem. from Columbus, OH by Dana

Comment: When the criminals find a way around this, like I don't know: wearing a mask; all your left with is an expensive invasion of privacy! Enjoy sun bathing lol from dayton by Johnny

Comment: what happens when it crashes into someone? from dayton, ohio by Brandon

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