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Question of the Day

What do you think of our new look and new studio?


Comment: Studio is fine, but I basically liked your news because of the L bracket, becuase I could watch my time while still seeing the news even during commericals and now you don't have it. I kinda liked the Dan Carroll too. He was highly opinionated, but interesting. from Germantown, OH by Melody

Comment: Welcome to the 21st. century. A job well done. from Fairborn, Ohio by Jim

Comment: Your new set is awesome! I have been watching and patiently waiting for you to get the new HD format. It's great! from Germantown, Ohio by Diana

Comment: Where is Shannon Sims?Was she a part of the BIG CHANGE? Not happy with this network.Will no longer watch this network. I will be passing this info to the churches and other local organizations for input. from Centerville,OH by Clara

Comment: The new channel logos that you display are very very annoying!!! Who wants to stare at a big orange box with a 22 or a big red box with a 45 while trying to watch a show. As far as the new studio and HD broadcast, I don't care because I don't watch your news broadcast from Dayton, OH by Evan

Comment: Very impressive new news set and studio. The graphics are nice as well. You guys are doing a good job of competing with the other two stations. Always nice to have new digs! from Dayton, Oh. by Ulrich

Comment: It's about time! The studio needed a refresh... it looks amazing! from Dayton, OH by PJ

Comment: Love the new look of your studio... as I'm sure you do, too. However, I do wish you still had the continuous weather scroll on the side of the screen in the morning informing us of the day's weather forecast. I tune in every morning and was disappointed you had gotten rid of this feature. from Centerville by Brad

Comment: Looks great. One suggestion is to add the current time to the bottom left corner and maybe a scrolling ticker which no other local station currently has. That would be a good replacement for the bulky "L" bar. Thanks! from Fairborn, OH by Dave

Comment: i ryou do need 2 change some of the music tooemember visiing the old bldg &said they need a NEW ONE SOON! from new carlisle ohio by dan

Comment: Looks good , when the camras are backed out for a full view of the studio there is an echo from College Corner, Ohio by Randy

Comment: The new studio looks nice. The only thing that I don't like is the fact that the weather bar that was always to the right of the screen is no longer there. That is the main reason I started watching ABC 22, and I really don't want to find another station. Everything else looks nice. from Botkins, Ohio by Dawn

Comment: The new studio looks nice. The only thing that I don't like is the fact that the weather bar that was always to the right of the screen is no longer there. That is the main reason I started watching ABC 22, and I really don't want to find another station. Everything else looks nice. from Botkins, Ohio by Dawn

Comment: I miss the time and weather on the bottom and sides of the screen. I get ready for work it is for me to know what time it was when you had it on the screen at all times! from Beavercreek, OH by Teresa

Comment: sorry guys i watch you every morning but your new studio looks like you took a major budget cut..noot at all what i expected looks generic sorry from miamisburg by j

Comment: The new set is not as easy to watch as the old one. It is hard to watch Megan and Jackie. I have watched the morning show for many years, and liked the old set much better. Megan was cut off today and yesterday during most of broadcast. They look uncomfortable, and would like to see the old set back. from Troy/OH by Rob

Comment: Im sorry but I don't like the new studio. I liked it better when they sat around the coffe table in comfortable chairs it seemed more relaxed like they were in my living room so I could relate. Now it looks like all the rest of the news shows and very sterile and boring. I also miss you showing the weather constantly on the side of the screen with the time in the morning. And what happened to Dan I miss him and Meagan working together. I'm thinking of switching to another news channel cause I'm not happy at all with your changes. from Riverside, Ohio by Tammy

Comment: Love the new look, except for one thing. On the camera view where Meghan and Jackie stand side by side, the station logo is centered on my tv screen and I can see all of Jackie but the view of Mehgan is cut off and you can only see half of her. Sometimes little more than her arm. If you would move the camera a little more toward these ladies it would be better. Very distracting to see Jackie talking to an arm. from Dayton OH by Mary

Comment: I preferred the relaxed feel of the previous show. Now, it feels stuffy. What happened to the guy that was co-hosting the morning show? He brought a splash of humor to the show: now the news is dry and unpalatable. from piqua, ohio by ed

Comment: et is fine. Put time and temp back on screen esp in the morning from Dayton, OH by Jim

Comment: The new morning set seems sterile and unfriendly compared to your old set. The hosts seemed more relaxed using the old set compared to the new set. from Lebanon, ohio by Frm

Comment: Not a big fan of your recent set changes for your morning show. I enjoyed the discussions your hosts would have when all were seated together. The old set seemed more comfortable and relaxed and provided a better venue for good interviews. I do like that you removed the weather information that was on the screen all the time. With your meteorologist providing weather updates frequently I thought this just not necessary. from Lebanon,Ohio by Margret

Comment: High def isn't kind to Jackie Couture, who has the corniest name in news- she should stick to fashion. Please bring the weather 'boxes' back, with less framing, simpler lay out. from Springfield, OH by Chris

Comment: The new look is very sterile and professional looking. I liked the other set better, it was more informal and relaxed looking. from Riverside by Mike

Comment: Its about time! Looks very professional and appealing to the eyes. I like it! What happened to Dan Carroll ?? Bring him back. His deep voice carrys quite well. from Bellbrook, OH by C.

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