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    Transitioning from Hospital to Home: Not long ago, the vast majority of individuals recovering from disabling illness, surgery or injury would have completed their care in the hospital. Today, that has changed. Even when patients conditions remain clinically complex and functionally limiting, time spent in the hospital has decreased dramatically. Now more than ever, many of these people rely on Heartland for the short-term rehabilitation and skilled nursing they need to complete recovery and return home.

    Heartland can meet the needs of patients with complex needs by offering a combination of quality clinical and rehabilitation services. We are one of the largest providers of post-hospital care in the country.

    At Heartland, the majority of our patients come directly to us from the hospital. We have been treating patients with multiple medical needs and returning them back to the community longer than our competitors. Our clinical and therapy team members provide post-hospital quality care in a warm and comfortable environment. Their expertise and commitment to quality care will help you get back home and back to your life.

  • Locations

    Heartland of Piqua - Piqua, OH
    Phone Number(937)-773-9346
    Heartland of Centerville - Centerville, OH
    Phone Number937-436-9700
    Heartland of Kettering - Kettering, OH
    Phone Number937-298-8084
    Heartland of Beavercreek - Beavercreek, OH
    Phone Number937-429-1106
    Heartland of Miamisburg - Miamisburg, OH
    Phone Number937-866-8885
    Heartland of Springfield - Springfield, OH
    Phone Number937-390-0005
    Heartland of Eaton - Eaton, OH
    Phone Number937-456-5537
    Heartland of Urbana - Urbana, OH
    Phone Number937-652-1381
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