WEB EXCLUSIVE: Tips to start the conversation about guns in the home

Photo: MGN

In a Fox 45 Web Exclusive: Here are tips on how to start the conversation on asking other parents if they have guns in their home. Remember it comes down to education and responsibility.

1. Don't Ask in Front of the Kids

While it may or may not already be an awkward situation, parents may make the situation even more uncomfortable by asking while children are present.

2. Make It Part of a Natural Conversation

If unsure how to bring the subject up, ask the parent if they saw the show on TV or heard about a recent shooting.

That opens the door to a conversation during which the parent can say: 1. “My kid is so impulsive and curious”, and 2. “I don't have guns in my home [or they are locked up]”

3. Discuss Your Own Home

Parents can also make it part of a bigger conversation about activities they allow [or] don't allow.

For example, parents can also mention how they might not allow R-rated movies, violent video games, or swimming without an adult present in their own homes.

4. It's About Safety

When discussing guns in the home, the emphasis should be on safe storage and not ownership.

If the parent does keep a gun in their home, ask what precautions they take to safely store the gun.

5. Be Kind

Just say it kindly. “I hope I didn't offend you, but I'm just not comfortable with my child playing in a house with loaded guns, maybe the kids could play at my house.”

The NRA has more tips on their website. You can also read more about the questions experts say you should be asking here.

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