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Road Trippin' - Longs Retreat Family Resort

Visit Long's Retreat Family Resort!

Perfect for all families whether it be for a 1 day trip to swim or fish or great for a week long family vacation. Something for everyone.

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About Long's Retreat Family Resort

We are a family business that was started in 1971 by Eric Long, a local young man with a few acres of land a big imagination. What began as a small campground has grown into something nobody ever expected. Each year has brought new additions and improvements, and it continues to keep expanding today. As the top tourist attraction in Pike County, we are located in an extremely rural area of the state, and almost all of our visitors are surprised to find us here! Hard work and personalized customer service set us apart from other places; we take a lot of pride in our name and our business.


Open April - October for Camping, all other activities start Memorial Day Weekend & go through Labor Day Weekend

A Unique Place to Visit

Many ways to camp from tent to cabin, great for a day trip & family vacation & family owned & operated - 400 ACRES

What People Are Saying About Long's Retreat Family Resort

My family & I were looking for something to do for a weekend within a decent driving distance & found Long's Retreat online. We wanted to camp, fish & swim & they had everything we were looking for including a place to eat & even a game room. The lake & slide were awesome! We rented a campsite for very low cost & had a blast hanging out & fishing. The staff was nice & very helpful. We were glad to see plenty of cabins available as well for our next trip. Our kids love Long's Retreat & we go back every year!
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