Retired NFL player and Greenville native paying it forward

GREENVILLE, Ohio (WRGT) – A retired NFL player and Greenville native brings light to his childhood home every summer by running a crowded camp at Chenoweth Trails.

Matt Light started The Light Foundation, where local high school boys can get some summer camp experience and a little extra guidance.

“We are asking these young men to jump in with both feet,” Light said, “and work hard and do all the things that we do.”

The boys spend 10 days at the camp, learning life and leadership skills, but program coordinator Nick Shuckman said he hopes there’s much more to it than that for the kids.

“There’s somebody in their corner,” Shuckman said. “There’s somebody out there that will do whatever it takes for them to be successful.”

Fox 45 presented The Light Foundation with a check to help with their operations in the upcoming year as part of the Pay It Forward campaign, sponsored by Elk and Elk.

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