Pay It Forward: Crash Course Village in Fairborn


FAIRBORN, Ohio (WRGT) – Occasionally, our first responders must respond to dangerous situations to save people involved in an accident. Sometimes, large vehicles or equipment are involved that can’t be moved quickly.

Rescue crews must be trained to do this, and unfortunately few facilities across the world can provide instruction on how to perform heavy rescues.

But, where that training actually happens may surprise you. It is right here in the Miami Valley in Fairborn.

Crash Course Village has been providing firefighters and EMTs with extraction training for 30 years, but since two years ago, they’ve been teaching rescuers how to remove people from heavy equipment and mass transit accidents.

“To be able to have 10 buses donated from local areas … is a dream for firefighters,” said Cpt. Ryan Hogsten from the Lexington, Kentucky, Fire Department. “The only place in the country that I’ve seen this is right here in Dayton.”

Cpt. Hogsten has been a volunteer instructor for Crash Course Heavy since it began. He said the main goal is to teach first responders how to respond to accidents that do not occur very often.

To make the non-profit Crash Course Village possible, The Greater Dayton RTA has donated 10 out-of-commission buses for trainees to use to learn how to rescue people in a mass transit accident if the situation arises. Other local businesses and organizations have helped as well.

“Travelers Insurance donated cars, Wright-Patt Air Force Base donated their air truck to us,” said Crash Course Village Director of Operations Shelby Howell.

The heavy rescue course occurs once a year in the fall, but the traditional Crash Course Village still goes on every May to provide training on smaller impact car accidents.

However, they’re still in need of cars to use for this event. Howell said that old smashed-up cars are easy to come by, but newer cars, like hybrids, are needed so that first responders can learn the intricacies of modern engineering to more safely remove victims.

Crash Course Village has been a key component in saving countless lives over the years, and they need help to do it. That’s why they’re deserving of Elk & Elk’s Pay it Forward award.

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