Police arrest third suspect in killing of man later found decomposing in car trunk

UPDATE: Police arrested Meagan Ashley Cantu, 30, and Garick Clayton, 31, and charged them with capital murder in the death of Martin Gonzalez.

Police arrested a 23-year-old man in connection with the gruesome murder of a man whose body was left inside the trunk of a car.

According to court papers, Ashton Lucas Lomas, 23, admitted to investigators he killed Martin Gonzalez, 23, before putting his body in the trunk and abandoning the car on Duke Way.

Lomas told authorities that he stole the victim's watch, two guns and about $40 before beating him and shooting him in the head. He also provided details of the items he used to wrap the body.

Gonzalez's body was left in the trunk of his own car for about a week before someone finally called police on February 7. He had been missing since January 29.

Lomas is charged with capital murder.

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