Watch: 2-year-old boy saves twin brother from fallen dresser

A 2-year-old Orem, Utah boy saves his twin brother from fallen dresser (Family photo)

OREM, Utah (KUTV) A 2-year-old boy is gaining attention on social media for saving his twin brother from the crushing weight of a dresser.

Bodie and Brock Shoff were playing in their room Thursday morning when the energetic boys climbed up on their dresser. Footage from the video camera in the boys' room shows the dresser suddenly falling, trapping Brock underneath.

His brother watched helplessly and walked around the dresser, seeming to search for a solution.

Finally, somehow, Bodie was able to push the dresser and move it, helping Brock wiggle free. Both boys were just fine.

Still, the ordeal was terrifying for both parents, Ricky and Kayli Shoff, who didn't hear the commotion. They only found out what happened when reviewing the footage.

"My heart sank," Kayli said. "I didn't know what to do. I felt like the worst mom in the world."

She and her husband quickly got to work bolting the dresser to the wall. They even went so far as to take the knobs off the drawer so the boys couldn't climb up.

"I think physically, you can't child proof your house a hundred percent," Kayli said. Still, she said the ordeal helped her realize "I can do this one thing to make my home a little bit more safe for my children."

The boys are back to normal now with their usual energy and, their mother says, with a stronger bond.

"I really saw it come to play just in this act of love for a brother, a twin brother," she said.

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