Witness recounts scene shortly after kids are shot

Witness recounts scene shortly after kids are shot (WKEF/WRGT)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - New charges were approved May 19 against the mom accused of shooting her two young children.

Claudena Helton faces two counts of attempted aggravated murder and four counts of felonious assault.

Her children are still in critical condition.

A relative said Helton worked at Maria Joseph Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, and that she recently started home schooling her children.

Kaiden, her 6-year-old, was taken out of school three months ago, according to the principal.

No one from Maria Joseph would comment but one of the first witnesses at the scene is speaking up.

"What I'd seen yesterday was horrific and pure evil , pure evil," said Pennie Harris.

Harris was walking up Lori Sue when she saw the unimaginable.

"Seen a lady out her door naked, carrying her son by his arm and leg. He was full of blood and she was too and me and my daughter in law were like 'oh God what happened,' " said Harris.

She said the mother started chanting.

"She was like' my baby' and she laid him down and she was like 'Kaiden, Kaiden' and she was like 'this is what they wanted, this is what they wanted,' "said Harris.

Harris said the mom had a blank stare on her face.

"We were asking her what happened and she was just standing there zoned out," said Harris.

Harris said Helton went back in the house and came out with her daughter.

"She walked out of the front of the house, the step, she laid, pulled her out the front door and laid her on her front porch," said Harris.

Police said Kaiden and his 8-year-old sister Khmorra were shot by their mother.

Police records show in 2014, Children Services was called after a teacher noticed bruises on Khmorra's arm and chest, marks on her cheek and cut on her lip. The child said her mom hit her with a belt buckle.

As the tribute outside the family's house grows, Harris said she's been traumatized.

"When you wake up in the morning that' the first thing you see, images, of what happened" said Harris.

"Was it hard for you to sleep?" FOX 45's Moore asked her.

"Pretty much," said Harris.

Harris said she is going to seek counseling.

FOX 45's Moore asked Children Services for an interview.

They gave us a statement saying Children Services is disturbed by the tragedy and encourages everyone to report abuse.

Court records do not show any charges against the mother after the 2014 incident.

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