WALL OF JUSTICE: Police asking for your help finding missing pregnant woman

Nikki Lyn Forest went missing in September 2010, but her disappearance wasn’t reported until a month later. (WKEF/WRGT)

WALL OF JUSTICE: A 19-year-old woman from Miami County went missing 7 years ago, leaving investigators from multiple jurisdictions with a case that’s gone cold.

Nikki Lyn Forest went missing in September 2010, but her disappearance wasn’t reported until a month later.

“She was last seen in the West Brook subdivision of Troy,” Piqua Police Deputy Chief Marty Grove said.

That particular subdivision was home to Nikki’s boyfriend at the time.

The case had gotten a lot of attention from law enforcement in Miami County, and involved three different jurisdictions. Piqua is in charge of the investigation with assistance from Troy and the Miami County Sheriff’s Office.

“We’ve got three jurisdictions literally wanting to do anything they can to work together and try to solve this case,” Grove said.

The only evidence found in the case was a bag of medication with her name on it.

“The medicine was found in the bag here, along Eldean Road,” Miami Valley Cold Case Task Force Investigator Glen McIntosh said. “She needed that on a daily basis.”

McIntosh is now helping Piqua investigate the case.

“An older gentleman reportedly took this to the Kroger pharmacy in Piqua and dropped it off,” Grove said. “The pharmacy, in turn, made contact with the relative, and this is when the relative realized that something was wrong, and in turn called.”

Nikki was nearly five months pregnant at the time she went missing.

“We have a pregnant 19 year old that just up and disappeared without a trace,” Grove said.

Now, her case has been cold for 7 years.

“There is one person of interest that everything keeps coming back to,” McIntosh said, “and that person isn’t cooperating with us.”

Nikki was three distinctive tattoos. One is on her left arm, another on the small of her back and the third is a moth on her stomach.

Police are hoping any images or distinctive marks will help trigger your memory.

“Somebody knows something,” Grove said, “and if people would just cooperate with us, we’d be able to put a closer to this story.”

If you have any information about Nikki’s disappearance, you’re asked to call the tip line in Miami County at 615-TIPS.

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