Residents want something done to improve water quality at Grand Lake St. Marys

Dangerous water quality levels at Grand Lake St. Marys (WKEF/WRGT)

ST. MARYS, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) – A warning for Ohioians who planned on getting away to the water over the weekend: do not come into contact with water at Grand Lake St. Marys.

A giant red warning sign up on the beach tells everyone to stay away due to unsafe toxic algae levels.

But if you try to get onto the beach anywhere other than those beaches, you’d completely miss out on the signs warning you of the danger.

We need to find out what the right solutions are because the plans that are in effect right now aren't working and they won't work," Buzz Goodwin with Bayview Sun and Snow Marina said.

The Ohio EPA uses those red signs when the harmful algae bloom toxin levels are equal to or exceed the Elevated Recreational Public Health Advisory threshold.

As you guessed, you shouldn't get in the water or let it touch you.

FOX 45’s Christian Hauser checked out the water, and said you could see the dangerous green algae, and there were dozens of dead fish on the shore and in the lake.

It's partially fed from farm runoff that includes manure and phosphorous.

"If Exxon dumped pollutants into our lake, I'm sure the EPA would have them clean it up,” Goodwin said. “Yet the EPA comes and monitors our water on a monthly basis, yet were still dumping the pollutants.”

Goodwin pointed out some of the trouble spots he sees on the lake.

FOX 45’s Hauser caught up with a family having fun our near the water and asked them about the warning signs, but they told him they didn't worry about it.

Goodwin said that's not good enough for him, and that the state has to change something to get rid of the algae bloom.

"There's got to be somebody held accountable to what's happening to our water quality as boaters, as homeowners, stakeholders, as farmers, as everybody,” he said. ‘The quality of the water should be safe.”

FOX 45 will be following up on this developing story, talking to the state about management plans and what’s being done to improve the water quality.

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