Rash of vehicle break-ins in Warren County

Rash of vehicle break-ins in Warren County (Photo: Warren Co. Sheriff's Office)

WARREN COUNTY, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - The Warren County Sheriff's Office is reminding people to lock their vehicle doors.

From Wednesday, May 10, to Thursday, May 11, the department says there were a total of 9 vehicles broken into in South Lebanon, Wayne Township and Turtle Creek Township. The sheriff's office say at least three suspects have been seen getting into unlocked cars and helping themselves to what's inside. They're not just hitting up cars, the department says they've also gone inside open garage doors and taken what's inside vehicles that are parked there.

Investigators are hoping the public can help them identify the people in surveillance photos. They're also reminding residents to lock their vehicles, close their garage doors and make sure you take out valuables from vehicles.

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