"Rally 4 Recovery" offers resources to people who need help fighting addition

"Rally 4 Recovery" offers resources to people who need help finding addition (WKEF/WRGT)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEf/WRGT) - The 4th annual "Rally 4 Recovery" is set for Sunday at Courthouse Square in Downtown Dayton, with the goal of uniting the Miami Valley's resources with people who need help fighting addiction.

FOX 45 is a media sponsor for the event, that's put on by Families of Addicts (FOA). For FOA founder Lori Erion, the cause is personal.

"Someone who may have never talked about it before is now talking about it," Erion told Fox 45's Kelly May.

Before anyone wanted to talk about heroin addiction, Erion was rallying to stop it.

"If we don't promote that people are getting better, why would anyone else think that they could. Then what are we all working towards?" Erion said.

Erion is a recovering alcoholic herself, who watched her daughter struggle with heroin and wanted a way to help everyone impacted by addiction.

"This is our way of really uniting to Miami Valley with resources and education and really the faces and voices to really eliminate that stigma," Erion said, "Really changing that conversation from problem to solution."

FOA has impacted roughly 9,000 individuals in the roughly four years they've been meeting.

This year's rally is set to be the largest yet, with an anticipated between 3,000 and 5,000 people attending.

"The support we've received this year has been incredible," Erion said.

There will be 50 resource tables, ranging from support groups to insurance, to inpatient treatment facilities.

There will also be food trucks, raffles and giveaways, a balloon launch and "the big picture".

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is the keynote speaker.

"There's still that group of people that are stuck on its not a disease it's their choice, let them die, and all that negative stuff," Erion said.

So, she hopes, if you come to the rally, you learn something.

"They find peace and they find friendship and comradery and education," Erion said.

The Greater Dayton RTA is providing free shuttles from three surface parking lots at Sinclair Community College to courthouse square.

For more information on parking and attending at the event, check out this website.

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