New Information Released in Road Rage Death

MORAINE -- A family is looking for closure and help to catch a suspect, after a car crash Memorial Day Weekend took the life of their beloved sister.

Osra Young was killed May 25 while a passenger in a Chevy Blazer, headed north on Interstate 75 through Moraine.

Moraine police crash was fueled by road rage, and have now released a composite sketch of what the suspect at fault is described to look like.

"We want answers, we want closure," said the victim's sister, Cija Jennings.

Jennings has spent the past month without her sister, waiting and hoping for answers about her alleged killer.

A traffic camera caught the moments leading up to the fatal crash.

Police say the suspect, a white male in his 60s with a white beard, was driving a red Ford quad can style pick up truck at the time of the crash. They say the driver sped up and pulled in front of the Chevy Blazer carrying Young and three others, then slammed on its breaks. The Blazer swerved to avoid the pickup, rolled, and Young was ejected and killed.

"He didn't have to kill her," said Jennings, "I didn't think there was that much road rage in the world that would make you sit there and take somebody's life that way."

Police reports show the alleged road rage started on I-75 in Miamisburg.

Police said the driver fled the scene of the crash.

They believe he may be from the Cincinnati area.

"If a person has that much anger in them they don't need to be behind the wheel," Jennings continued.

Jennings said she wanted to keep the story in the public eye despite her emotions talking about her sister, in order to find the suspect and bring him to justice.

"Even though that's not going to bring my sister back, maybe it will save someone else's life taking this man off the street," she said.

If you can help identify the suspect, call Moraine Police: 937-535-1166.

Originally posted June 29, 2015.


NEW INFORMATION -- Police are one step closer to catching a road rage driver who caused a crash that left a woman dead.

Officers received a sketch of the suspect earlier today. The man is described as a heavy set man with a white beard and white hair.

He's believed to be in his mid to late 60's and may wear glasses.

Authorities say the suspect was driving a Ford truck on I-75 in Moraine Memorial Day weekend when he sped up to pass a Chevy Blazer and then hit his brakes. The driver of the Chevy swerved to avoid hitting the truck, but then over-corrected and rolled over.

Both the driver and a female passenger of the Chevy were ejected.

The woman later died at the hospital.

Coming up tonight on ABC 22 News at 11, we'll talk to family members of that woman still looking for closure.


LATEST INFORMATION -- Police are now looking for a 2013 to 2015 red Ford truck with a crew cab in connection with a road rage incident that left one woman dead.

The truck was last seen in Kettering, traveling east on Stroop Road.

We were told, the driver was a white, heavy-set man with white hair and beard.

The passenger in the vehicle is also being sought; He's described as being in his 50's with a thin build and neatly cropped beard.

Police said on May 24, the truck driver sped past a Chevy Blazer and then threw on the brakes. The driver of the the Chevy and a woman passenger were ejected. That woman later died at the hospital.

If you can help catch the men in the red truck, contact law enforcement.


Previous Coverage:

A camera overlooking I-75 caught the moments leading up to the fatal crash but it does not show the crash itself or what may have triggered the driver of the truck to get so upset.

Moraine Police are searching for a newer Ford Quad-Cab, reddish or orange in color with running rails and clear brake light covers.

"We basically want to get the other guy's story because unfortunately he did leave the scene and at this point we just want to figure out what it is as far as what happened. What he was thinking and just kind of why he did what he did.

The incident happened just after six p.m. Sunday night. Video from I-75 shows the driver of the truck speed up and start to pass the Blazer. Moments later, police say the driver in the Ford hit his brakes after getting in front of the Blazer.

The driver in the Chevy Blazer tried to swerve to avoid hitting the truck, but ended up over-correcting and then rolled-over.

The driver and a female passenger were ejected from the Blazer. The passenger died at the hospital.

We asked several people what they would do if they accidentally upset someone on the interstate.

"If they're getting very violent and aggressive with their driving I would have to get off the highway because I wouldn't want to sit there and have them try to cause me to wreck or me to cause someone else to wreck trying to get away from them," said Marc Dugan.

"If my daughter is with me that is a different story, I would probably call the local police department and have them follow up with it," said Tawny Mullins.

Sgt. Spencer says the same thing. If you do have someone who won't leave you alone slow down and try to let them pass or call 911 and let the police catch up to you all.

Originally posted Monday, May 25th, 2015.

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